Monday, August 30, 2010

Yikes - last week of summer and a break in routine

It was a great summer! Lots of fun, lots of exercise. Camping, biking, hiking, and I averaged about 3 hours of swimming every week over most of the summer. We squeezed as much fun as possible out of the warm weather and long days... but then came a cold and rainy Labour Day weekend. We spent most of the weekend relaxing, cleaning and gearing up for back to school. Somewhere in there, I fell out of a few good habits and started being lulled into laziness. Better get back on track before any more time passes!

Here's how the past two weeks have been -

Week 1 - August 29
At the drive-in playground - August 2010
Saturday - Biked to the gym and back (5K); worked out. Took the kids swimming for an hour after lunch. My husband was able to come along this time and so I was able to do some laps as well as the usual playing with the kids. Later in the day, we took the kids to a drive-in for the first time, something that's been on our son's 'list'. It was a beautiful summer evening and we had a ball! Playing on the playground before the movie, hitting the snack bar, snuggling in with pillows and blankets to watch the show. We'll definitely be back next summer!

Sunday - Lazy morning after being up late. Took the kids swimming for an hours in the afternoon. Ran into a neighbour on our way to the pool; she commented that I've lost more weight! I haven't - but the extra exercise this summer is definitely paying off.

Monday - Took the stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch. Biked to the gym & back after dinner (5K); worked out.

Tuesday - Took the stairs to 7 in AM, walked to the dentist and back (1.3km); took the kids swimming for 45 minutes after dinner. ACK - signed up for the CN Tower Climb for October. More on this later.

Wednesday - Took the stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch. Biked to the gym after dinner; worked out, dropped into the local pet store to adopt up a KITTEN on the way back. Walked home weighted down with my gym bag, bike, helmet, the kitten, supplies. My cat isn't so pleased, but my children are very happy!

Thursday - Took the stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch.

Friday - Beginning of Labour Day weekend. Cold and wet. Stayed home, started some decluttering, played with the kitten.

Week 2 - Sept 4

High in the sky & white-knuckled - Ferris Wheel, Sept 2010
Pic taken by my son, who was laughing hysterically at me.
Saturday - Chilly but dry. Went to the CNE from mid-afternoon to night-time. Love seeing the rides lit up against a evening sky, and love how few people are there at this time of day. Kids rode on as many rides as they wanted, with no waiting in line-ups! I worked up the courage to try the Ferris Wheel. Why, yes, I did have to work up courage to go on a Ferris Wheel. That's right - I'm a big scaredy-cat, but I'm trying to nudge myself out of my comfort zone. Some steps are smaller than others.

Sunday - Chilly and wet. Lazy day at home.

Monday - Chilly and wet. Lazy day at home, but hauled out a ladder and harvested a ton of apples from our tree. Mmmmmm.

Tuesday - First day of school. Stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch. DROVE to the gym and back after dinner; worked out.

Wednesday - Very tired today. Think that getting the kids back to school has worn me out. Skipped the stairs and went to bed right after dinner.

Thursday - Too lazy for the stairs - but I did (drive) to the gym after dinner and had a great workout.

Friday - Took the stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch. Took the kids for a quick trip to the playground at High Park after dinner.

What I'm reading this week: Beyond Belfast - A 560 Mile Journey Across Northern Ireland on Sore Feet, by Will Ferguson. Read this before but our hikes this summer got me thinking about it again. He's speaking at one of our city libraries this fall - hope to attend that talk!

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