Friday, September 17, 2010

I Heart My Gym

Curves. Love the workout, love the facility, love the culture.
At Curves on the glute machine - August 2010

The workout - 30-minutes of circuit training + 5-10 mintues of stretching. Every session delivers an aerobic workout with full full-body strength/endurance training. Constant supervision by a trainer, who will cheer you on, encourage you, correct your form. Did I mention it's only 30 minutes? How perfect is that!

The facility - clean, bright, cheerful, and all the fast-tempo music you need for a great workout. Makes me happy just to walk in the door. CHANGE STATIONS NOW.

The culture - From the managers to the staff to the clientele, everyone encourages each other and celebrates each others' achievements. Reach a milestone? Corporate will send you a gift such as a water bottle, t-shirt, or gym bag. Answer trivia questions? Drink water while working out? Win a prize. Miss a few weeks? Get a phone call encouraging you to come back. Need to lose weight? Join the FREE healthy eating seminars.

Thanks to Curves, I've lost 70lbs and 45" since January 2009. I heart Curves.

This week has been an adjustment. And how. First full week for kids back at school, first 5-day work week for me since before the kids were born (eleven years!), afterschool programs have started, the pool is shut for maintenance, and the days are getting shorter so it's too dark to bike home after my workout. It's totally changed the way we/I spend our time. I'm struggling to find ways to replace the lost swimming and time on my bike. Still - not a bad week:

Saturday - Biked to Curves and back, worked out. Took the kids to Ontario Place before it closes for the season. Lots and lots of walking - we were there for about 5 hours.

At Curves - I'm the top loser! August 2010
Check out my "200 Workouts" t-shirt
Sunday - Errands. Boring.

Monday - Stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch. Curves after dinner.

Tuesday - Stairs to 7 in AM, to 11 at lunch.

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM, to 11 at lunch.

Thursday - Stairs to 12 at lunch. Curves after dinner. Spent some extra time doing calf raises.

Friday - Stairs to 12 at lunch. Is it my imagination, or are my knees starting to feel weary at the end of the day?

What I'm reading: Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. It's the story of how his life has changed in the years after Kitchen Confidential.

Need some inspiration? Check out Want more? Check out his blog -

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