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After starting my list in summer 2010, I asked my 10-year-old son what he would put on his own life list. Made for a very interesting discussion, and we're having a lot of fun knocking things off of it and adding new things to it. Here it is:

Meet the Mythbusters Thought we'd have to go to San Francisco for this, but they are coming to Toronto and we've got tickets! Happening in March 2012.

Go go-karting

Done! January 2012


Paddle his own canoe

Done! We tried a kayaking lesson (June 2011) and went canoing during a camping trip (July 2011) .
Go on a 5K Run/Walk

Done! Got to the finishline of his first 5K on the 5K course of the Goodlife Toronto Marathon (May 2011) in 39:25!

Do the CN Tower Climb

Done! Got to the top in 29:37 in April 2011.

Go winter camping

Done! He went tent camping with Scouts and earned a Winter Camping badge - February 2011.

Go dog sledding

Done! Thanks to the dogsledding races at the Kortright Centre, January 2011.

Go snow-shoeing

Done! More winter fun at the Kortright Centre, January 2011

Get a kitten

Done! Sally joined us September 1, 2010.

Build, start and tend a campfire

Done! Our two camping trips in summer 2010 gave him great experience as Fire Master.

Go to a drive-in movie

Done! We went to a double feature in August 2010. Played in the 'old school' playground, loaded up on snacks at the concession stand, and snuggled in the car with our pillows and a duvet. So much fun!!

Go water skiing

Done! He got to have a 1-hour lesson as part of a summer party thrown by my office, July 2010.

Ride in a speedboat

Done! We took the Zephyr to Flowerpot Island and back during our trip to the Bruce, July 2010.

Go summer camping

Done! We went twice in summer 2010: Bruce Peninsula National Park (July) and Presqu'ile Provincial Park (August)

Still to come -

Go wakeboarding

Take an archery class

Take a video-game design class / design a video game

Go to a firing range

Slide down the railing in the stairwell at the CN Tower

Get a driver's licence

Get a boater's licence

Go to Medieval Times

Go camping in a trailer - in any season!

Go scuba-diving

Go to San Francisco

Learn to dive from the high board

Ride a unicycle