The List

If it's not on a list, it's not gonna happen. Here's mine so far:

Try a tri. I've signed up for my first - Summer 2012

Earn one of the 'Older Than Boston' shirts from the Around the Bay run. I'm not up for the 30K, but definitely the 5K! I've signed up for the 5K for March 2012

My son with Airport
See the Harlem Globetrotters live. Have been wanting to do this since I was about 7. Done! February 2012.

Earn my gym's 400th Workout t-shirt before my 40th birthday (Fall, 2011) Done! October 2011

Humber River

Go canoing or kayaking  Done! Went both canoing and kayaking, Summer 2011

My daughter helping with planting
Plant a butterfly/bee garden. Done! Planted May 2011 in a corner of the front yard.

Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
Conquer my fear of ice skating. Done! I'm not a great skater, but at least I'm not afraid anymore! (December 2010)

Outside the Hockey Hall of Fame
Go on a haunted walking tour of any city. Done! Went on my first Ghost Walk with my son, October 2010

Do the CN Tower climb Done!!!! First time was October 2010 with a time of 34:39.

At the Rogers Centre, Toronto

Hear the Dalai Lama speak Done! Was fortunate to attend a talk by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on 'Human Approaches to World Peace' - October 2010, with my husband and kids.


Bike the full 75K course in the Becel Ride for Heart (Rode the 25K June 2011; signed up for the 50K June 2012)

Swim in all 5 Great Lakes (so far have Erie, Huron and Ontario)

Visit all 13 territories and provinces (so far have B.C., Ontario and Quebec)

Swim in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

Improve my French

Learn to dive into a pool

Do the Polar Bear Dip. Why, I'm not sure. I don't even like cold showers.

Go summer camping in Algonquin Park

Go winter camping in Algonquin Park

Hike the entire Bruce Trail (in sections)

Get down to my goal weight

Go white water rafting

Go on a polar bear-watching expedition

Go on a whale-watching expedition

Ride the Maid of the Mist up to Niagara Falls. This was never fun when I was a kid wearing glasses - would like to give it a try wearing contacts, and actually SEE the view!

Hear David Suzuki speak.

Learn to maintain my bike. Thanks to Deb for the inspiration.

Finish a sprint distance triathlon in 2013 (750m swim - 20K bike - 5K run)

Finish an Olympic distance triathlon in 2013 (1500m swim - 40K bike - 10K run)

Finish a half-Iron distance swim/bike in 2014 (2000m swim - 90K bike)

Weekend adventure tri -