Saturday, August 21, 2010

Role Models

Green Day - August 2010
Remember Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2? Doing those chinups? She was FIT. She was sculpted. She's been my fitness hero for a long time.

The thing is - that was for a movie. I've been reading up on it this week and have learned that her level of fitness, and the training required to achieve it, just isn't sustainable for any length of time.

Something more true to real life? How Billie Joe Armstrong and the rest of the Green Day boys? I've seen them in concert three times now, and every time am amazed at the level of entertainment that Billie Joe, Mike and Tre offer: three solid hours of running, jumping and full-on energy - all while putting on a flawless performance. They get incredibly sweaty but I've never seen them out of breath or looking tired. These guys are extremely fit.

I'm not planning to get up on stage at any time, but they inspire me. Here's the work I did this week:

Back from the gym - August 2010
Saturday - Biked to the farmer's market and the gym (7.1 km round trip); worked out.

Sunday - Recovery day - cleaned the basement family room and rearranged the furniture. This was a major accomplishment :-)

Monday - Stairs to 7th floor at lunch, stopped at the gym on my way home.

Tuesday - Stairs to 7th floor in AM and at lunch.

Wednesday - Stairs to 7th floor in AM and at lunch. Went to the Green Day show in the evening with my SIL: 3 hours of non-stop dancing followed by a long walk through Ontario Place/CNE to catch the bus home.

Thursday - Oh, so tired! No stairs today, but took the kids swimming for an hour after dinner.

Friday - Took the kids to the Science Centre for about 7 hours. Saw the Harry Potter exhibit and explored all of the kids' favourite activities. Didn't get my heart rate up, but did a lot of walking!

What I'm reading this week: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordian.

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