Sunday, May 27, 2012

Women's Run 5K - Check!

With Sarah & Rachel

Well, I found out today that I am not (yet) acclimated to running in the heat. Oh my.

We ran in 22C with a slight humidity and I quickly realized just how different summer training is going to be from winter training. This was a day to be hot & sweaty and with heavy legs. Good heavens - what is July running going to be like?

That being said, I had a good run. I'm pleased with the steady pace that I stuck to, and pleased with the amount of walking that I did - more that I expected but I am A-OK given the warm weather that I am not (yet) used to running in. 

I finished in 39:47 and I'm very pleased.

Funny thing about that - it's slower than my current PR of 39.06, but that time was set in a terribly uneven run that I really didn't enjoy. I almost don't even want to call that one my PR since my run was so terrible. 

However, it's faster than the 40.35 that I earned in the fabulous Around the Bay run, a great run. Perfect weather and I paced myself well.

So I'm pretty proud of besting that time despite the heat slowing me down.

Any advice for a new runner facing warm weather running for the first time?

Other than that, the past week has been pretty quiet on the exercise front -

Last Saturday - Rode to my gum (6K round trip), circuit/bootcamp

Last Sunday - Headed out for a 9am run with Stella but the heat (21C but baking hot sun) made us have to cut it short. We covered 3.8K of some running, a lot of flopping down on front lawns and a lot walking. After this, we run after dark - poor hot dog! Later - the 5 of us headed out of town to a provincial park. Did a hilly 4.5K hike in reasonably shady trails and had a picnic dinner.

This tree always amazes me. Completely hollow and somehow yet still alive.
It's slightly creepy shape earned it our nickname the "Tim Burton Tree"

Monday - Victoria Day! Puttered in the garden,  short dog walk, neighbourhood street party

Tuesday - Saturday - Between a gigantic blister (gardening without gloves, not a good move) and a generally crazy busy week, I ended up having a lot of days without exercise. 

Had a lot of fun on Friday, though - my son is crazy for parkour and I found a local studio that runs an intro/safety lesson. Brought him over and was amazed to see what he can do. He added some great moves to his reperatoire and picked up some good safety tips. Walking to school is about to get a lot more interesting!

With Ana

Sunday - Women's Run 5K! Followed by a 2K dog park walk and a birthday party for my nephew. Earned the 'awesome aunt' award - our present is that we will take him on a tree-top trekking & ziplining day this summer, and he's really pleased. Looking forward to it!


  1. You don't even mention the 87 at the right side of your blog? I think you are on track in a very good way. Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice job on the race!!! You should be proud! Running in the heat is hard. I don't have a lot of advice, mostly just try to climate and keep hydrated, but mostly it just sucks. :)

    Love that tree picture, it is creepy.

  3. I suck running in the heat. I get up super early in the morning to avoid it for training. My only advice is to hydrate.

    By the way, I'm going to be in Ontario Aug 13-22. We should try to meet up! I'll be in Chatham, so not that close to you, but a heck of a lot closer then Alberta is! Perhaps we could find a middle ground? I can leave my kids with my mom for a day.