Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rookie Mistakes Galore!

Loving this bike trail
So, I went for my first long ride of the season today. 26.6K through the cemetery, along busy roads, along an excellent bike path that I've been meaning to try, down a riverside trail that I'd heard about, and back again.

Loving it even more for leading me through this forest

Aside from the sections of busy roads, it was a beautiful ride. Long rolling hills for a nice challenge. Birds, trees, water. Sunshine. Bright blue sky.

In the forest and beside the river. Good spot to stop for a snack!

But I made just about every rookie mistake that you can make on this ride. Oh, I did a few things wear a helmet and gloves and brought water...but that's about all I did right. Let's see...
  • Grazed on some leftover pizza for lunch before heading out rather than fuelling properly.
  • Didn't bring a snack even though I knew I'd be hungry soon.
  • Chugged water before heading out rather than hydrating in the hours leading up to the ride. 
  • Didn't stretch.
  • Didn't put on sunblock.
  • Made a pit stop en route for snacks but bought a Snickers bar (peanuts give energy!), a small bag of baked chips (need salt!) and a diet Coke (caffeine!).
  • Chugged my leftover water when I got home. 

Add all of that up and you have a ride plagued with low energy, tight legs, stiff back, sore hands, and an upset stomach. Followed by violent stomach cramps and throwing up after I got home (thanks to chugging that water). Which made recovery eating almost non-existent. Um, that means that snickers bar didnt put me over my calories for the day...not that this is the way to stick to plan though.

Honestly - you'd think that I have never exercised before.

I did make sure to take an Epsom salts bath afterwards, and I certainly learned my lesson about hydration, nutrition and stretching. So I can take some comfort in that, I suppose.

Make me feel better - have you ever made rookie mistakes like this, despite knowing better? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I make rookie mistakes all the time. Off the top of my head I can't think of any but trust me...all the time... :)

    You are doing great!

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty good at making rookie mistakes, especially in relation to nutrition.

    I'm BAD about sunblock, and need to start setting a better example in that respect.