Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recommitting to Weight Loss and Thinking About Rewards

I mentioned last week that I'd recommited to weight loss. Time to take off the few pounds that I've been gaining & losing all winter, and smash through the plateau where I've been stalled for some time.

Except it's not a plateau - it's simply where I've gotten comfortable. Which is 30-some pounds above my goal weight. Which is simply too much extra weight to be carrying around.

Consider this: a doctor told me recently that I've done well with losing 80+ lbs and generally keeping it off, but scolded that I'm still too fat and need to get to my goal weight. OK, that felt like a slap in the face, but she's absolutely right.

Took me a some time to wrap my head around it and generally adjust my attitude but I got there. Have spent the last two weeks logging everything in myfitnesspal and trying to eat no more than 100 (if any) of the extra calories that it grants me from exercise. Have had a few small treats here and there but only after making sure that they would fit into the plan, and made sure that I added them to the journal.

Does't look like much, but this was so incredible that I had it for dinner twice this week.
Veggie Bacon BLT salad with a touch of  grated cheddar and toasted sunflower seeds.

And gave myself a cheat day yesterday to avoid a larger potential slipup that I felt was brewing.

It's one hell of a battle, eh?

I find that I'm really great at going full blazes on things for 2 weeks and then flaming out by the end of week three. Which means that keeping on track this week (which is week 3) and next (week 4) will be key.

I've seen a lot of people list out rewards that they will treat themselves to when they reach different milestones. Sounds like a great idea...but I haven't been able to come up with anything that I really want!

My mindset has been more about how weight loss will bring the reward of less tender knees after a run and make this summer's Spartan Sprint more manageable. Oh...and that I'll buy myself this after the 50K ride that I'm doing in June:

I have Sporty Jewels' triathlon spinner already and wear it for inspiration for this summer's try-a-tris

OK - true confession time - a few days ago, I signed up for a half-marathon relay this fall, where a partner and I will each run 10.5K.  Mostly because I finally feel up for the challenge of a run longer than 5K...but...also so that I can earn the 10K spinner.

So clearly I'm good at rewarding physical fitness!

But mayyyybe I need to come up with a few rewards for weighloss milestones to encourage me to actually reach them. Milestones such as -
  • Dipping below my most recent low weight. This is almost in close! Think that getting weighed and measured at my gym will be reward enough for this one.
  • 5lbs below that low weight
  • Reaching Onederland
  • 100lbs lost
  • 105 lbs lost
  • 110 lbs lost
  • Goal! (113 lbs lost)
It's something to think about...hmmm...
What works to keep you on track? Do you reward yourself when you reach milestones?

Here's this week's recap -

Saturday - 1.5K + 2K dog walks in the AM, then out for a scheduled bike ride. Today was a chilly, windy day and I was very tempted to skip, but dragged my son out to come with me for 10K. Short distance but a good stretch of rolling hills made it a decent training ride. Glad we weren't out any longer - it was cold out!

Stopped on a bridge for a quick photo.
Hey - I just noticed that my helmet matches that jacket.

Hey Mom, I want to stop at this park and check out the rock climbing wall.
Me: You're going to want to jump off of it, aren't you?

Sunday - 2K dog park walk in the afternoon; 4.13K run (10s and 1s) with Stella in the evening.

Monday - 60 minute Curves/bootcamp extravaganza, followed by 300m in the pool. Cracked a problem I've been having with breathing (i.e. trying not to get water up my nose) thanks to this.

Tuesday - pseudo-rest day. 1K sprint with Stella.

Wednesday - Back to Curves for another bootcamp/circuit. I walk out there very, very sweaty and feeling very, very sculpted after these. This is good.

Thursday - Would have LOVED a rest day but the family calendar says that needs to be tomorrow, so took Stella for a run. We did a few sets of 8s and 1s (3.85K) under dark, menacing clouds and the occasional lightning flash. Made it home and to the front porch just as the first few rain drops came down. Really happy that we go that run in.

Friday - Rest day (finally!) and a road trip to take my daughter to Brownies camp.

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