Friday, May 11, 2012

Recommitting to Weight Loss - Week 3 Crankypants

Today marks 3 full weeks of tracking everything I eat and sticking to the calories/fat/protein/carbs for the day. Eat a bit more on the days that I workout, but don't eat more than I earn through exercise.

And right on schedule, I'm getting cranky about it. The scale is moving in the right direction, but I'm having one of those days where I'm frustrated by the slow progress and tired of fighting the urge to eat whatever, whenever.

Yep, end of week three. I remember this. Think that this is a mix of diet burnout and hormones.

The good news? At the same time, I'm not feeling the urge to self-sabotage through overeating or going overboard on treats. I've worked too hard to blow three weeks worth of weightloss with a big bag of chips.

Speaking of treats - my husband just handed me a small square of chocolate and it's helped sweeten up my attitude ;-)

Writing about this hurdle has been helpful too. I'm feeling better now than I was at the beginning of the post. Certainly less surly.

I am dedicated to getting through this, and have made a plan to help get through week 4.

I've planning a cheat day for Mother's Day (we're going out to brunch with my husband's family...wish us luck with the crowds!). I'm scheduled to go for a run first, so my cheat day will be nicely guilt free.  

I've scheduled  an appointment with my trainer to be weighed and measured at the end of week 4. There's a strong chance that I'll be below my low weigh by then, and I'm highly motivated to do the work to see some new numbers on the official scale.

I've also been checking in with a couple of friends who are on the same journey. This helps dramatically - so helpful to remember that this IS hard work and that I'm not alone. Thanks, ladies!

Hope this week has been good to you. Here's my exercise recap:

Saturday - First long ride of the season. As I mentioned last week, this was a bit of a disaster. Next ride will be better!

Sunday - Got Stella to the forested dog park super early and took her on an exceptionally loooong walk. Later, drove out of town to pick up my daughter from camp.

Monday - 2K walk to the dog park and back. Curves bootcamp/circuit; 350m in the pool

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - Curves bootcamp/circuit

Thursday - 3.2K slow run

Friday - Rest day. Dropped my son off to go camping for the weekend, then hit the dog park.

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