Friday, June 1, 2012

Weightloss and Milestones

My sharp-eyed mother noticed that I recently (quietly) updated the weightloss progress block on the right side of my blog, with a 5-pound loss, and scolded me for not talking about it.

So here we go :-)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was tired of losing and regaining the same few pounds over and over again all winter. Spent a month tracking on and worked out several milestones that I wanted to reward. Had good weeks, had hard weeks.

But overall I ate to my plan, lost those extra couple of pounds, which took me back down to my lowest weight, and lost another 5 pounds as well.

Woohoo!! The struggle was worth it. And I hit two milestones.

My rewards?

For getting below that low weight: Getting weighed and measured at my gym. Found out that I've also lost 14 inches in the last year. Very pleased with that.

For getting to 5lbs below low weight: A cheat meal. Actually - two. Poutine (Yes, Deb & Julie - I did go for the poutine after all...and it was absolutely delicious) and family dinner at a buffet restaurant. Where I indulged but didn't go flat out crazy.

Since then, I've been taking a week-long break and have eating to maintain/prepare for 2012's Big Scary Goal Race #1: the 50K bike ride. It's on Sunday, June 3rd. I've also been hydrating like crazy and praying for lovely cool, dry weather.

Did I mention that I'm terrified? But that's kind of the point of Big Scary Goals, right? Step outside your comfort zone. Sign up, show up.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I figure I'll need a day or so of recovery meals, and be back at MFP tracking by Tuesday.

I have a feeling that between carb loading and water retention, I've put a pound or two back on this week. But the next milestones are within reach: 90lbs lost, Onederland. Need to start planning my rewards, because having that as a motivator really, really helps with this latest round of weightloss. Hey, perhaps a spiffy-but-affordable tri suit...any recommendations?

Here's this week's recap -
Sunday - Sweaty 5K Women's Run, brunch, then a 2K walk to the dog park & back at lunchtime.

NSV: Another dog owner (not a runner) asked me, "How come you're here? Thought you had a 5K today?" I explained that I'd finished before 9am and was now getting on with the day. Got a blank stare and a "Wow - it doesn't wreck you for the rest of the day?" in return. You know what - my first couple of 5Ks DID wreck me for the rest of the day, though it's been quite a while. So nice to have the reminder of progress made.

Too hot to walk the dog so put the sprinkler on for her...

Monday - Heat wave continues. Curves to stretch things out with a no-cardio circuit + bootcamp light (crunches, planks & pushups).

...and someone else came to join us!

Tuesday - Rest day.

Wednesday - Still warm but the humidity broke so I headed out for an evening run with Stella. We did 7s& 1s, 3s and 1s. Was only a 3K run and we seemed to struggle a bit, which had me worried. But then I remapped it after I got home and found out it was actually 4.6K. Oops.

Thurs - 2K dog park walk.

Friday - Pouring rain. Rest day.

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  1. Congrats on the loss!!!! Good for you on sticking to it and I hope that poutine stuff tasted better than the picture I saw looked. :) I'm sure it did.

    Good luck on your ride tomorrow...all though you don't need it. You will be fine. I look forward to a report!