Monday, June 25, 2012


Yeah, I'd say that's about right

This was much harder than last year's Warrior Dash. My god.

I'd heard this was more challenging and have been kind of terrified since signing up - but tried to console myself with the fact that we finished Warrior and I'm a bit fitter than I was last summer.

I was still pretty intimidated heading into this, though.

Me, Elissa, Laura, Rachel - waiting to start

And with good reason, as it turns out!

Warrior was 12 obstacles in 5K. We finished in 1:04.

Spartan was 22 obstacles and feats of strength in 7K.

We finished in 1:31, minus time spent waiting through a few significant bottlenecks at a couple of the stations - so let's say 1:15.

On paper, it looks like we knocked it out of the park. But this race kicked my butt!

What did we face on the course? Let's see...

7K trail run through a forest of rolling steep hills. Beautiful and shady, would have been great for a family hike!

Belly crawl up a sandy hill under low nets.

Crawl through a long narrow tube. I seriously would not have fit in this 80lbs ago.

Climb up and over a high (wobbly) rope net.

Belly crawl though about 30 feet of mud under low barbed wire.

Wade through a mud pond - almost waist deep.

Pull kettle bells 20 feet up in the air.

Up and down a 20+ foot high twisty rope ladder (thanks to my girls for trying to steady it for me!!)

Belly crawl 30 feet or so through dirt under low boards - think of a blackout pit.

Up and over a 90-degree climbing wall.

Carry a 20+-lb sand bag through the forest.

Javelin throw.

Push a wheelbarrow containing a big cement block through the forest - each handle weighed down by a 20-lb sandbag.

Hold a dowel at chest height, parallel to the ground, and spin it to wind a rope (tied to a 20-lb sandbag) from the ground up. Twice.

Balance beams.

Run through tires.

Jump over fire.

20 reps on a rowing machine.

Belly crawl through ICE CUBES under insanely low strung barbed wire. We had maybe 15" between the ice and the wire. Keep your head - and your butt - down!

Run up 45-degree ramp and jump off the end. Twice.

Up and over the hay bales.

Dodge a trio of Spartans - they want to knock you off your feet.

Up and over a long, slipperly ramp. I bailed on this one and took a 10-burpee penalty.


Just to give you an idea, here's a few pics from the course - none of these are of me:


Medals, drink of water, photo op...

...sprayed off with an icy cold blast from the fire hose, another photo op...

Don't actually look much cleaner after the fire hose - just wetter

...ordered a massive poutine to share with the family, then headed back to the car.

Seems so calm and peaceful from over here.

Wrapped up in a tarp, headed back to my mother's for a shower and lunch.

Sweet tech shirt, excellent medal

And a vow to never, ever do this race again.

Warrior Dash? Mayyyybe....


  1. Great memory on the obstacles! I couldn't remember half of them!!! Can't wait for the Warrior Dash! It will be a great race!!! I am so proud we finished this one! It was brutal!

  2. That looks crazy hard! The mud/adventure race I did was hard but I think you've got me beat! The hardest part for me was the running up and down the steep hills!
    Way to go girl!!!