Friday, June 29, 2012

Post-Spartan Recovery

I didn't get bloody, but I did find a few small barbed-wire related holes in my pants
What do I have to recover from? Hmmm -

We're about 5-1/2K through the course at this point

Ice. Barbed Wire. Good times.
Close to the end, but still more to come.

Hay bales. So determined not to break an ankle today.

Hey Elissa, I'm right behind you. Thanks for distracting those gladiators.

Got me some gladiators to dodge...and my eye on the finish line!

I've been having fun watching miscellaneous bruises pop up - mainly on my forearms (from the belly crawls), chest and knees (from going over the climbing wall).

Hadn't realized exactly how much I had been dreading Spartan until now, when I'm so glad that it's over. At the same time, the realization of what an accomplishment this was is really sinking in. I keep looking at my medal and grinning.

It's at home on my medal rack now, but the medal spent the first two days at work with me.
Everytime I felt stiff and sore, I'd look at it and remember "Oh, riiiiight...."

 And now that this is behind me, I can start looking forward to my first Try-a-Tri at the end of July!

Rest of the week went like this -

Son and dog catching a nap on the ride home from Spartan.

Sunday - Spartan Race, drive back home, 3K dog walk.

Monday - Rest day. 2K walk to the dog park and back.

Tuesday - Big Rest day - I caught a cold my husband was spreading around and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Wednesday - Starting to feel better already. Went to the gym for a boot camp, focused on strength-training and stretching out. 3K dog walk before bed.

Beautiful evening for a walk!

Thursday - Last day of school for the kids! Report cards and celebratory pizza, then frantically cleaned the house and got them packed to go to my in-laws for the night. Trail walk with the dog after (2+K).

Friday - Back to the gym for a boot camp, followed by an impromptu Zumba class. OMG - I had forgotten just how much I love Zumba!! Left the gym very, very sweaty and very, very happy.

How was your week?

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