Friday, July 6, 2012

Heat Wave!

Soooooo...I was hoping to get back into regular running this week, but then the nasty weather showed up. Too hot to walk the dog most days, let alone go for a run. We did have a fairly active week though -

Saturday - Summer cleaning frenzy - I tackled my bedroom. Fun times.  

Later, 2K+ dog park walk at High Park. There were a few tense moments on this one - the trails wind around the amphitheatre where A Midsummer Night's Dream is staged every evening, and the cast had left a few gates open to come and go during the performance . Stella noticed...went through the gate...trotted over towards stage left...looked around...watched the audience for a bit...thought things over...and eventually tiptoed back to us without actually interrupting the performance. Phew!

Good girl. Don't do that again, K?
Sunday - HAPPY CANADA DAY! We spent the day going for a long hike and some swimming at Rockwood Conservation Area. Check it out:

Remains of an old mill, founded in 1867. Very fitting to be checking it out on Canada Day.
If you're wondering - yes, my son did jump off from where he's standing.

Monday - Holiday day off. Super hot. Took the kids swimming, then we all walked over to the school to play and shoot some hoops. Sweaty!

Tuesday - 2.5K brisk dog walk after dark. Too hot to run. Ugh.

Wednesday - Went to the gym for a boot camp. Ana made us run laps around the gym to make up for the lack of outdoor running.

Thursday - Day off, but an NSV: I went shopping for a new hot-weather outfit to wear to work and found that I've gone down a size. WOOHOO!

Friday - Went to the gym for another sweaty boot camp. More laps. And sprints. Waited until after dark to walk the dog - was still very humid but we managed 1s and 1s for 2.1K. Felt oh, so good to run and I'm oh, so glad that we kept it short. I was drenched by the time we got back!  

How did this week's weather impact your training plans?


  1. Love the pictures! The ruins are very cool. It's warm here, but not hot like you get it there, so no excuse to skip the runs.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!

    We have had the crazy crazy heat too! We had 5 days that it was over 100 degrees...not normal for Denver and then another week of 97-99...I would get up in the morning to go for my nice cool run and it would still be 70 degrees. out..yuck! :)