Saturday, July 14, 2012

Easing Back into Running

Last week's heat wave and humidity eased back a bit, and I started running again!

Perfect timing as I was starting to get worried about training for the 10.5K (it's a half-marathon relay) that I'm running in September. Also worried about the 2.5K that I'll be running at high noon at the end of the month as the end of the try-a-tri. I know that I need to get used to running in the heat, but 38C with 95% humidity was a bit much!

Now - the break's over and I'm aiming for 3 runs a week as well as 2 boot camps and swimming. I was consistently running 10s and 1s for 4.5K before taking the last few weeks off, so have started working my way back to that. Will start increasing distance using the 10% per week rule.

In other news, I started running naked this week - no watch, no iPod. Not having music to match my pacing to is a big change.

AND I added an additional running partner - a human! Stella is still my #1 running partner, but my up-the-street neighbour has started joining us. Like me, Melanie enjoys running in the evenings before bed. She has a big dog (who isn't trained for running yet so stays at home) so is super patient about taking doggy breaks when Stella needs them. Unlike me, she's super fit, but she is wonderfully nice about going at my slow pace with walk breaks as I need them. I've never run beside someone before and am amazed how much more quickly the run seems to fly by when there's good conversation to take your mind off of things.

No pics this week, but some pretty decent exercise:

Saturday - 3.1K of 5s and 1s, 5s and 2s.

Sunday - Rest day.

Monday - Bootcamp. Lots of sprints. Ugh.

Tuesday - 4.6K with neighbour. Roughly 5s &1s and 5s & 2s.

Wednesday - Bootcamp. More sprints.

Thursday - 4.6K with neighbour, this time in 31C with lots of humidity. More 5s &1s and 5s & 2s. Dripping wet and happy at the end.

Friday - Rest day. Lots of chores.
Check it out - I ran 3 times this week! The return to running is off to a good start. Hope your week was a good one.


  1. Nice job this week! So nice to have a running buddy sometimes!

  2. Awesome job! It doesn't always work out, but I love running with other people when I can.