Monday, July 23, 2012

Cabin Camping

We spent last week on vacation!

We were fortunate to get a fantastic deal on a lakeside cabin a couple of hours north of the city, and had an absolutely wonderful time.

The cabin was rustic (no running water or electricity), tiny (maybe 350-square feet including a screened in porch), but came with a propane fridge and was a major step up from the tent camping that we usually do for our summer vacations!

We spent the week completely unplugged. Lots of swimming and canoing, cards, board games. Stayed at the cabin aside from a trip to the dump to look for bears. Oh, and one run into town for supplies and ice cream, then straight back to the lake.

Which we shared with a lot of wildlife - chipmunks, raccoons, frogs, mink, heron, blue jays, finches, beaver, loons. Countless dragonflies and butterflies.

Have a look -

There's our dock in the right corner. Cabin is hiding behind the birch trees left of centre.
There's the cabin!
View from the cabin - looking north
From the same spot, looking east

We swam to the sandy beach across the way a couple of times every day - 1.3K round trip.
Great open water swim practice!


More OWS practice. My husband took this from the canoe.

My sister came up for a day. We were unable to convince Stella to jump in.

Canoing with my sister.
We had to flip a coin when my husband suggested that the more responsible one sit in the back.

Five black bears that day. We watched for a minute or two then booked it out of there.

It was really, really hard to leave and come back to the city.

Reservations for 2013 open up in early December. I've marked my calendar.

How are you spending your summer vacation?


  1. Beautiful pictures Jen! It's stunning there.

  2. This sounds like a truly fantastic vacation!!!!! My son wants to go camping but I don't think it's going to happen this summer.