Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Week 2 - Camping!

My husband has been on vacation with us this week, and we went camping! We met up with his sister and her family and checked into a provincial park on Lake Huron for 5 days.

We were blessed with great weather (mostly) and a beautiful park!

We went swimming:

I may be half hidden here - but did I really just post a picture of myself in a swimsuit?

Climbed the dunes:


Went kayaking and canoeing:

Just like her brother - this kid is a natural in a kayak

Biked some more:

I took this one - that's my bike in the front left corner
Cllimbed the dunes a few more times:

Swam, swam, swam -

Aaaaand sat around the campfire every night and ate about a million smores...

It was really great to watch the younger kids turn from city cyclists to road warriors on their bikes - they were a bit unsure about the conditions at first, but quickly conquered forest trails, pot-hole filled roads, gravel, sand and hills. So proud of them!

As my SIL says - camping is a lot of work, but it's soooo much fun. We had a great time and I can't wait for our next adventure.

Special thanks to my SIL for taking so many pictures of me - I needed proof for Ana that I was active on my vacation!

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