Friday, July 15, 2011

I Heart My Trainer

Meet Ana.

She's amazing.

I have sweat bucket and buckets of sweat because of Ana.

Remember in last week's Warrior Dash recap  when I mentioned that I "mentally thanked every boot camp class, every workout...I've ever been on for making me strong enough to keep going"?

That was Ana. Ana made me strong enough to keep going.

My gym is a Curves. The standard Curves workout is circuit training with a coach on hand to supervise everyone on the circuit and correct form if needed.

It works.

But Ana takes this a hundred steps further.

Ana leads a great cardio workout on the recovery stations on the circuit - and watches like a hawk to make sure that we don't skimp out on the strength-training on the machines.

Ana dances us into the ground on Zumba nights - and her energy's just as high after teaching back-to-back classes as it was before. You should see that girl shake her hips!

Ana teaches one heck of a mean boot camp - and you neeeeed to feel the burn of her abs class.

Ana pushes us to work to our potential each and every workout - and then pushes us a bit further the next time.

She skillfully uses a fabulous blend of humour, encouragement, wit, sarcasm and motivation on us - with just the right amount of intimidation - and it works. I always have a great time while getting a challenging workout, which pretty much guarantees that I go regularly.

Speaking of which - and you'll hear about it if you DON'T go regularly!

Ana pays attention to what's coming up on my race calendar and makes sure that I work all the right muscle groups. CN Tower Climb. Ride for Heart. 5Ks. Warrior Dash. I'm smashing my personal records each and every time I cross a finish line because of this lady.

Ana - thank you.

Live in Toronto and looking for a gym? Come to mine. You won't regret it!

PS - Can't make it in during Ana's shifts? No worries - her mom works there full-time too. And just who do you think Ana learned to be so fabulous from?

Here's this week's recap:

Saturday - Warrior Dash, shower at my mom's, drive to my SIL's cottage and hit the beach for a nap. Later took the kids and cousins to a nearby pool for a late evening swim + whirlpool (lovely!) before hitting the highway to come home. 
Dirt left over after doing my Warrior Dash laundry. This was after I was washed down with high pressure fire hoses.
Sunday - Laaaazzzzzy morning. Took the kids swimming in the afternoon.

Monday - Curves after dinner.

Tuesday - Took the kids swimming after dinner.

Wednesday - Zumba after dinner.

Thursday - Zumba and an abs class after dinner.

Friday - Stunningly beautiful summer evening. Took the kids to High Park for dinner, batting practice and the playground.

Flopped down on a picnic blanket at the park - a great end to the week!

The Week 6 'Queen of the Circuit' Challenges:
Work out 3 x - check
Thanks to the Warrior Dash, Ana gave me a free pass on the rest of this week's activities :-)

What I'm reading this week - Buying on Time by Antanas Sileika

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  1. She sounds great and that family pic is perfect!!!! I don't think you could have done better! That is a keeper in a frame on the mantle! :)