Friday, July 8, 2011

Cause and Effect (AKA When Will I Learn?)

Over the weekend, I make the mistake of having a few chips.

Which over the following days turned into more chips, then chocolate, pizza, Diet Coke and ice cream. I think there was a cookie or two in there as well.

Which had me feeling lousy for making so many slipups, and also low on energy from not fuelling myself properly.

Being low on energy made it very tempting to skip the gym...but thanks to the Last Queen Standing challenge, I went.

And now that I've been to the gym, I feel much better. More in control. Over the hump.

I've heard a quote from David Kessler to the effect that certain foods prime us for overeating. Clearly chips are the one for me.

So. When will I learn? I'm not entirely sure that I've beaten this one yet.

What do you struggle with?

Here's this week's recap:

Aaaand we're off! Running past Ben as he tries to take a pic of the group - that's me in red; my husband is in the right corner.
Saturday - After the Toronto Do Life 5K, we hit the highway. Went out of town for a BBQ with my husband's family. Lovely time, including wading in a beautiful creek, playing catch, and general hanging with the family. Later, headed a few blocks over to my cousin's house for a sleepover.
Seriously wishing that this was in my backyard

Sunday - Rest day. Splashed around in the pool with kids and cousin, brunched and relaxed before hitting the highway to come back home.

Monday - Curves after dinner.

Tuesday - Ice cream. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday - Zumba AND an abs class after dinner. Ow.

Thursday - Zumba and once around the circuit after dinner

Friday - Packed up and hit the highway after work. The Warrior Dash is in the morning!! Have to admit that I'm panicking a bit...!

The Week 5 'Queen of the Circuit' Challenges:
Drink more water - check
Workout 3 times - check
Do three extra reps on each station - check
Do an abs class - check
Play a game - Warrior Dash counts for this :-)
Bring in a healthy recipe - check

What I'm reading this week - Sookie Stackhouse stories by Charlaine Harris

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  1. Doesn't look like a bad week to me. Ohhh the Warrior Dash! I'm thinking of doing this with my sons. I'll be curious to hear your take.

    I've read some of those Sookie Stackhouse books they are pretty good. I'll have to get another one.