Monday, July 4, 2011

Jen Does Life

There was no other possible title for this post :-)

On Saturday morning, we headed downtown, met up with Ben and Pa...

...42 more really, really nice people and a puppy...

People came from all around the GTA, Ottawa, Boston and beyond!
 ...chatted for a while with some new friends, bought some really great medal hangers from the designer himself...

...and then the Do Life CEO kicked things off with a few motivational words ("Anyone want to skip the run and go straight to lunch?"):

Made our way over to the very official starting line of the Toronto Do Life International Official Unofficial 5K:

...and we were off!

An out and back course, my favourite!

Sprinted to the finish line:


...and ended with a smile:

A bunch of us went for lunch afterwards:

...talked up a storm, laughed a lot, swapped stories, and generally had a great time. I've never seen a group of total strangers click so quickly! We heard inspiring stories of weight loss and lifestyle changes from everyone we talked to. Some people had just run their first 5K, others were training for their next half-marathon - and everyone was there to celebrate Doing Life. Such a fantastic group of people. At the end of our meal, we were all reluctant to say goodbye and go our separate ways.  

Ben - thanks for being such an inspiration. John - thanks for logging so many hours as the Do Life Roadie. It was an honour to meet you both - and thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet so many amazing people.

I'm floored by the fact that you're both training for your next Ironman while on the road. It's impossible to not be inspired by you!
Even better that you are totally goofy :-)
Truly great day. Wishing you all the best with the rest of the tour.


  1. What a great day! They are such an I wish I could go when they were here... How great that your whole family went to Do Life!

  2. That is awesome! I wish they were coming somewhere near here. Maybe on a future tour.

  3. Way to go Martin Family!!!! So exciting to see your kids involved. Getting kids to love fitness is a great gift to them. Very proud of you guys.