Friday, May 6, 2011

There Go My Plans for Operating Heavy Machinery This Weekend

Go figure - I ate well and exercised all winter and didn't get so much as a sniffle. As soon as my job hit a really busy patch this month, exercise got sacrificed, I started eating more convenience food (read: food court every day for lunch) - and I got sick. Started off as a cold but over the course of the week turned into a chest infection and strep throat. Surprise, surprise - when we stop taking care of ourselves, the germs come over for a party.

So - this week was thin on moving. Here's a recap:

Saturday - Ran around in the morning, getting a haircut, taking my daughter to a bday party, shopping for summer clothes for both kids. Got some good bending and stretching in later in the day - son and I played Frisbee for a while, and then both kids and I planted 75 freesia bulbs in the front garden. Hoping for a splash of colur - and some nice fragrance - later in the season after the tulips fade. Starting to get the sniffles.

Check out those finisher's medals!
Husband & his twin sister after crossing the finish line at their first 10K - May 2010

Sunday - Race day for my husband and SIL, their very first 10K! They had to get up pretty early to get to the start, but they went strong and finished with a smile. PBs of 1:14 (him) and 1:11 (her).  Came home talking about what they want to sign up for next, and how they think they'll do next time. Meanwhile - our BIL and nephews came over for the morning. Playtime and lots of giggling before we celebrated the finishers by making them a big brunch. Afterwards, I spent a bit of time in the garden planting some mini narcissis.  

I had a few friends doing this event too, and have to tell you - looking at their photos made me pine for the energy of being at an event, the thrill of showing up at the start, the high from crossing a finish line, and the bling in the swag bag! Looking forward to my next 5K in 2 weeks, and the expo the day before :-)

Monday - 1/2 of a Curves circuit + 30 pushups after dinner. Achoo!

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM.

Friday - Ow, my throat. Broke down and went to the walkin clinic after dinner. Time to take meds, rest and eat well. These meds are making me blissfully drowsy :-)

Prescription-strength cough syrup, antibiotics and TWO inhalers.
Glad I decided to stop trying to tough this thing out.
What I'm reading this week: The Year of Finding Memory by Judy Fong Bates. Very interesting to see how her experiences growing up influenced Midnight at the Dragon Cafe  and China Dog and other Tales from a Chinese Laundry.

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