Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is it possible to cram for a 5K?

I hope so! Between work being nuts and and getting sick, exercise has been thin around here for the past few weeks. Fingers crossed for a good 5K on May 14.

Saturday - Fighting off last week's strep throat and chest infection. Spent most of the day napping, then went to the theatre in the evening - we had tickets to see The Railway Children. Kids loved the performance - interesting story, unique set and a real steam engine! Also fun to go out on a Saturday evening. Sun was down when we came out of the theatre, CN Tower was lit up. Neat thing: the show was staged in a temporary theatre that one the grounds of a refurbished train roundhouse, and there are train engines on display as party of the roundhouse landscaping. Climbed around on the trains after the show. Fun!

In the hammock. No better place to be on a warm spring day.

Sunday - Mother's Day, but I was a bit too sick to notice. Kids made me fabulous cards and husband made a lovely breakfast. I spent the morning moving slowly. Planted a dozen peas. Spent the rest of the day moving slowly. I heart my hammock.

Monday - Back to work. Thank goodness the antibiotics have finally kicked in. Once again - too busy to get away from my desk at lunchtime. This is not a good trend and I'm trying to figure out how to get back on track. The good news is that it was a beautiful day, so I got the kids to do their homework outside while I rearranged some plants in the garden. We also planted our tomatoes! Two whole plants worth. It's a small garden.

Tuesday - 1K walk in the morning. Spent the evening getting my son ready for a school trip - he leaves at 6am tomorrow for a couple of days :-(

Wednesday - MADE IT TO ZUMBA! Did the full class, half a circuit and 30 pushups. Felt SO SO good to get sweaty!

After Zumba. So sweaty and so happy :-)

Thursday - Made it to Zumba again! Did the full class and 33 pushups afterwards. Picked up my son later on - he had a fantastic time in Ottawa! He loved the War Museum in particular and came home with stories of having seen a bullet-riddled UN jeep - and one of Hitler's cars. Eeek.

Friday - Stairs to 7 in AM. Evening was spent driving my daughter out of town for camping with her Sparks group. Amazed that neither of us cried during our goodbyes - but I did get a bit teary at dinner later when she wasn't with us. Oh, mom. Such a softie.

What I'm reading this week - Paula Spencer by Roddy Doyle.

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