Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lessons Learned from a Hard-Earned PR

May 2011 - my first medal!
Goodlife 5K? Check!

Proud to say that I PR'd (40:43), but it wasn't easy! Between being sick recently and the lack of training that I mentioned last week, I really had to rely on my base level of fitness to do this event - and my time is really a reflection of me hustling to keep up with my son.

My son, who by the way, did amazing on his first 5K. He paced himself, slowed down when he needed to, kept an eye for me when I'd lag behind, then ran ahead for the final leg, finished strong and met me at the finish line. Bursting with pride for himself. I'm wicked proud of him too!

Hey - he also showed beautiful race etiquette on the course and it was an absolute pleasure competing with him.

11 years old and finished his first 5K with a smile.
Man, he's getting tall!
So - what did I learn?

Training matters. I already knew that, but good to be reminded of it. Especially with the Becel 25K Ride coming up in a few short weeks. Today was more work and less fun that my last 5K or two, and that lack of training was definitely a contributing factor. Really underscored the need for me to get my work/life balance back in, well, balance.

Don't underestimate the short course. Knowing that I was short on training, I found myself consoling myself with thoughts of,"It's only a 5K. Been there, done that." And with that, stopped paying as close attention to my nutrition, water intake and sleep in the days leading up to the event. There's no room for a cocky attitude here, ladies and gentlemen!

Music makes the course seem shorter! I kept my iPod off in order to better communicate with my son - which was important - but I did find that not having the tunes really made the course seem long.  There was a bit of music on the course; wish the coordinators had organized more.

Running against the wind is not fun. We had to run about 1.5K into the wind during the last part of the course. A bit of drizzle...even a bit of cold drizzle...was OK, but the wind was not what I was looking for :-(.

I love an out and back course! Seeing the sights in reverse on the way back - and knowing where the finish line is - keeps me going.

And finally -

Kids are generally stronger and more capable than I had realized. I've been so focused on my own efforts to cross a finish line that it's taken me a while to notice just how many pre-teens participate in these things with their parents. So fabulous! Going as strong as they are able and finishing with a smile. So great to see them on the course, and so fantastic for their parents to include them. Love it.

It took me until this season to start including my son, mostly because I needed to get a few events under my belt to know what I was capable of (Can I get to a finish line without dying?) before I had the mental room to include him.

My daughter starts joining us later this year!


  1. Great job on the race and you should be very proud of your son!

  2. Great job. It's wonderful that you are doing it with your son - and soon daughter.

    I am realizing the need to respect the distance, regardless of what distance you are doing.