Friday, May 20, 2011

Life's a Lot More Interesting Since I Got Off the Couch

A number of interesting things floated my way this week. I have to say - stuff like this never happened back in my couch potato days:

  • I got out of my warm bed early on Sunday, took my son out in the rain and ran/walked around downtown. Paid to be there, too: $60 + transit fare for the two of us. Got a medal at the end!

  • Dropped in at a local circus school to talk about family classes for the four of us this fall. Found out that my husband would like to take trapese lessons.

  • Noticed that there is an axe-throwing league next door to the circus school. They have invited us to drop by to fling axes at targets, any Monday from 6-7 pm. My son now has "Mondays from 6-7" permanently tattooed on his brain - he's dying to give it a try!

  • Emma mentioned to me this week that we should think about doing a race relay. I'm thinking about it.

  • I'm starting to think about taking swimming lessons, so that I can improve my form and maybe doing a try a tri. Mentioned it to Lynda and she immediately put try a tri on our 'maybe' list for 2012.

  • Took the kids camping last summer. Twice. Going twice again this summer!

How has getting active changed the way that you look for fun?

There is one thing to mention about all of this. I have tons of confidence these days, am really enjoying myself and sometimes have a good laugh at how positively my life has changed - but I still occasionally find myself thinking 'fat girl' thoughts. Like 'Someone invited ME??? to do a race relay?  Why on earth would they invite ME???' Little souvenir of who I used to be, I suppose. Wonder how long those self-doubt thoughts will stick around.
Here's this week's recap:

Saturday - Had to go in to work (it's a once in a while thing) but made it to the race expo first. Loaded up on samples, saw the swag from a few events I've been thinking of doing, and picked up my race kit!

Emma, Elissa, Rachel, v2.0 and me - Finishers at the Goodlife Toronto 5K!
Sunday - Goodlife 5K followed by a drive out to pick our daughter up from her camping weekend. She had fun - but two nights was a long time for her to be away from home. Very glad to be coming home. Very glad to have her back!

Monday - Recovery day. Did an easy circuit at Curves (and 20 pushups) to stretch the muscles out.

Tuesday - Needed a second recovery day - still a bit stiff, but much better than yesterday!

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM, 1K walk at lunch, Zumba + 1/2 Curves circuit + 36 pushups after dinner. That's more like it!

Thursday - Had the day off work in order to have a minor procedure done at the hospital. Went for a 1K easy stroll later in the afternoon.

Taking a break - it's hot out today!
Friday - Another day off work - this time with my kids on a PA Day. Met up with friends at a playground and played catch for a while before going out for brunch. Was a beautiful day, and a fabulously relaxing way to start a long weekend.

What I'm reading this week - The Long Walk by Stephen King. Was in the mood to continue the cheerful theme set by The Hunger Games. Ha.

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