Saturday, February 4, 2012

Exercise not Doughnuts

This has been a difficult week. We received some very sad news at work. Stella got a nail embedded in her paw and needed an emergency trip to the vet's. I came down with a cold. The week has been a bit of a blur.

And my reaction to all of this has been very uneven. Don't get me wrong - I compeletely understand the need to rest when rest is needed, but I've been all over the map this week.

I skipped my Monday night training swim and Zumba. Partly busy with some after-hours work tasks, partly because I was generally tired/sick and partly because I was sad and felt like cocooning.

I did go to Curves twice - skipped the circuit (too hard to breathe), but hit a couple of boot camps hard to work out some of my emotions.

Stella and I had to keep our runs super short earlier in the week when it was hard to breathe and her paw was sore. Fortunately we're both getting back into things now.

But I've also been hitting the comfort food HARD.

I've got news for you - going for a run is way, way more therapeutic than hourly doughnuts. I don't think I'd ever properly appreciated how much of a depressant sugar is until this week.

Towards the end of the week, someone mentioned that next week will be a fresh start. But that's a few days away and I no longer want or need to wait that long. Besides, it seems kind of arbitrary to wait for a new week to try to get back to normal.

So - the last couple of days have been about doing just that: slowly getting back to normal. Stella & I are redoing C25K week 2, I've been doughnut-free for two days and the gym is beckoning.

On a happier note - we had a great weekend before all of this started. The kids and I left my husband at home to work on a home repair, and had a weekend away with my fav cousin and her 4 kids. Did a lot of laughing, took the kids skating and went to an indoor/outdoor waterpark:

Me with my eyes closed, my daughter & my cousin

 Six very happy kids. Check out the steam coming off the water. It's also snowing.

My son

And me. Yes, those are ski hills in the background. And no, I didn't catch my cold from going swimming outside in late January.
Here's this week's exercise:

Friday evening - swimming.

Saturday - skating and swimming.

Sunday - 1K dog walk

Monday - 400 misc crunches, 100 leg lifts, 50 pushups, 3 x 35s planks

Wednesday - 1K dog walk

Thursday - 400 crunches, 50 leg lifts, 50 pushups, 3 x 35x planks, 100 arm lifts with 10lb weights.

Friday - C25K W2D1 (2.4K). Followed by a funeral. But then we ended the day on a high note with an early birthday party for my daughter and some of her friends at a trampoline centre:

My daughter in bright pink catching serious air. Her brother to her right.

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