Friday, January 27, 2012

How Much Does This All Cost?

It's time to retire my beloved New Balance cross-trainers. They got me to the finish line of every event I did in 2011 (except the muddy, muddy Warrior Dash - I wore some ancient, back-of-the-closet shoes for that), as well as went on every bike ride I took. They came on daily dog walks, all workouts after Stella chewed my indoor gym shoes a couple of months ago, and every time that I just felt like wearing sneakers. Definitely time to give them a rest.

Wasn't able to get a replacement pair in my size, so went for a spiffy pair of on-sale Sauconys:

...which prompted both a friend to ask just how much money all of this is costing me.

I don't *feel* like it's a lot, but let's actually take a look.

Wait - before we do, try to think about what you consider reasonable for fees, gear and equipment. Got a number? OK, now let's take a look at my list:

Monthly gym fees: $45
Lane Swim: $30 for 10-visit punch card, which should last me 10 weeks. Can swim for free from May - August.
Couch to 5K: free
Biking: Free.
Tracking workouts in My Fitness Pal: free

Shoes: I've been lucky with sales but also make them last longer that I should. Averages $100/year.
Bike: Paid for a few years ago.
Bike maintenance: Roughly $40 for an annual tuneup.
Bike accessories: I need a new helmet this year.
Workout shirts: Free. Sort of. I wear the ones that I earned at races, and bought two others with gift certificates.
Workout tights: Free. Bought them with gift certificates and take super good care of them so they'll last!
Light weight exercise jacket: Free. Bought in 2010 with gift certificates.
Warm exercise jacket: Free. Sort of. I've earned two at races.
Light weight winter gloves: Free. Christmas present.
Biking gloves. Free. I borrow my husband's...but should buy a pair this year.
Swim suits: I think this is about $90 to buy a good new one (or 2-3 cheaper ones) every year.
Garmin: For now, I'm not using one, but can borrow my husband's if I need.

Entry fees:
This is where is gets a bit more expensive. Fees are typically $40-50 per event, and I try to sign up early before the price increases as the race date gets closer. In 2010, I did 3 free events + 8 with a fee, so that's about $360. Hmm. That averages $30 per month, which doesn't seem so bad to me.

This year, I've already signed up for 6 races ($270). Ouch - OK, that's a lot to spend in one month, but it will keep me going until August. I have 3-4 more to sign up for later in the year, but at least one of them is free.

Travel fees:
I tend to do races in my city, so just have to pay a subway token or for parking. I had one race in my hometown last year and was able to stay with my parents. This year, I have 3 out of town races; two are close to my parents, one is not. I'm splitting a cheap hotel room for that one, and will keep overall costs low.

Grand total:
That adds up to just over $100 per month if I were to spread costs out over a year. Remember - that includes my monthly gym fees.

I think that's reasonable, especially since I don't tend to spend a lot of money on myself in other areas.

What about you - is your active lifestyle breaking the bank, or is it reasonably affordable?

Here's this week's  recap -

Saturday - 2K dog walk, then had to go in to work for a special project.

My running partner likes to stop suddenly and make dog angels on the front lawns of the neighbourhood.
Sunday - Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 3 (about 2.5K), followed by a trip to the fenced dog park/forest. We walked the 1.5K forest trails, then took Stella sledding for the first time. Have to say - sledding with a dog is a pile of fun!

Monday - Curves + 2x35s plank + 45 pushups + 100 assorted killer crunches, then 300m swim followed by 1.5K dog walk.

Tuesday - Rest day. Happy, happy rest day.

Wednesday - C25K Week 2, Day 1 (2.7K).

Thursday - Ended up being an other rest day. Couldn't keep my eyes open past 7pm, and my throat is sore.

Friday - Kids are on a PA day and I've taken the day off with them :-)  Did an at-home boot camp with my daughter - she pushed me into 40 pushups and 240 assorted crunches, then did C25K W2D2 with Stella and I. She's obviously been taking lessons from my trainer.

Dog is not happy to be on a walk break, let alone a 'let's take a picture' break. Can we get back to running please?

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  1. Umm, I don't think I should talk about how much I spend...

    It's a lot. I need new running shoes a few times a year, race fees add up fast (tri race fees tend to be higher), spin classes, coached swim fees, pool pass, etc. I'm easily spending a couple grand a year.

    And, I haven't even got to an ironman year yet...