Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Vacation = More Camping

My husband and I have been tag teaming some of our vacation weeks this summer, taking turns to be off with the kids and minimize how many summer programs we had to sign them up for.

This week was my turn to be off, and I took the kids camping! We met up with my cousin and her 4 kids, and the eight of us went up north to bear country for 5 days.

What a great trip! No bears, thankfully - just lots and lots of hiking, swimming, and jumping off of high things into frigid water.

Well - the kids jumped off of high things. I'm wayyyyy too scared of heights to do any of that.

Actually, I did manage to talk myself into jumping off of one teeny ledge -

Yes, I AM holding my nose. Don't make fun of me. I was terrified!
Anyway, as I was saying, we did lots and lots of hiking:

Lots to explore off the forest trails

...and those trails lead to amazing spots like Indian Head Cove

Nice spot to catch some rays

More forest trails

Took a ferry to hike around Flowerpot Island


A small lake steps from our campsite - so lovely

Freezing my butt off in Georgian Bay - and loving it!

And the kids jumped off of high things into frigidly cold water:

My son in mid-air at Indian Head Cove... the Grotto...

...on Flowerpot Island...

aaaaand over Colpoys Bay.

Another very successful camping trip. Can't wait for more adventures next summer!


  1. That water looks so beautiful!!!!!!! I'm jealous, all though I think I would like it to be warm please. :) Sounds like a truly great week!

  2. Some amazing pictures there! Absolutely beautiful.