Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Inspires You?

I'm happy to find myself wanting to explore a wider variety of challenges. Partly because I'm growing progressively stronger, and partly because I'm drawing inspiration from other people.

In particular, there are a few people with achievements under their belts far greater than mine whose accomplishments have been inspiring me to expand my thinking about just what I may be capable of. This is what prompted me to sign up for the 25K Ride for Heart and the upcoming Warrior Dash, has got me putting a try a tri and the 50K version of the Ride for Heart on my wish list for 2012, and has me wondering about what else I'd be up for. I'm even tossing around the idea of something like this for 2013. Which is seriously amazing. I used to hear about events like these and automatically dismiss then as being for other people. Now I'm chomping at the bit to do them? That's a NSV!

I'm lucky to be able to draw inspiration from so many active people. A few examples -  

My friend Bruce took up running in his 50s and has since completed marathons on all seven continents. I'm impressed and inspired daily by his dedication to setting goals, planning and training in all areas of his life, not just running. Bruce definitely leads by example.

Lynda was walking with canes following multiple knee surgeries (including a knee replacement!) when I met her a couple of years ago, but has since conquered physio and gone on to powerwalk a marathon, a half marathon and countless 5-10K+ distances. Did I tell you that she called me a wuss earlier this year for thinking that I needed a year to train for the Warrior Dash? She was so emphatic about it that we both signed up for 2011 right then and there. Lynda - who has just celebrated her 60th birthday - leads her life anything but quietly!

Deb over at Deb Tris, is training hard for the multiple triathalons on her 2011 race calendar. Wind? Wild weather? Mountains? No matter - she keeps on track with her training! Deb also has two active young children and frequently writes interesting, thought-provoking posts. Her example shows me that it's possible to balance a busy training schedule and family. She recently sent me a comment reminding me that no matter how long or short, respect the distance - a great reminder that has helped keep me on track when I'm tempted to skimp on training. Go read her!

Julie over at You Just Have to Tri sent me congrats on my most recent 5K just hours after she finished a metric century ride, and again for finishing the Ride for Heart shortly after conquering yet another triathalon.  Julie oozes energy, has multiple long distance races and rides under her belt, and finds the time to cook amazing from-scratch dinners. Seriously - how fabulous is she?! I take a lot of inspiration from Julie, and laugh every time I see the 't-shirt wisdom' quote at the top of her blog. She's kind enough to post recipes, too -  although how she finds the time given that she's training for a half Ironman (!) I do not know! Go read her!

I've mentioned before that on a daily basis, I receive a tremendous amount of support from my family, my friends, my Curves trainer. I thank each and every one of you for - you help to keep me in motion every day! Here's where I thank the three most important to me:

My husband is on a mission of his own to keep moving. He recently finished his first 10K, walks 10K home from work several times a week, and is training for a half-marathon. He is as supportive as heck - making sure that he's home on time for me to get to the gym, clearing his calendar on my race days, and plain old assuming that I can accomplish whatever thing I've signed up for next. The level of confidence that he has in me raises my own. 

My children - my biggest cheerleaders - also assume that I can reach the finish line successfully on everything that I sign up for. These kids remember how very large and sedentary I was just a couple of years ago, yet they have that unwavering confidence in my abilities today - which in turns makes me think about reaching beyond what I've achieved so far.

So - what am I doing to pay it forward? I've turned into one of those 'go, go, you can do it' people :-) Tell me that you're thinking of trying something - going to a gym? Signing up for a class? Trying a distance? - and  I'll cheer you on. 'Fantastic! Go go - you can do it! What are you waiting for?'

Thanks for sticking with me during this long post. Who inspires you?

Here's this week's recap:

After a long winter and rainy spring, I forgot the first rule of summer biking:
When you park in the sun, your seat gets really hot. OW!!
Saturday - Feeling great after yesterday's kayaking. Rode my bike to the gym (6K round trip) and worked out, including 20 pushups. OK - maybe my shoulders ARE a bit tired.

Raspberries were on major sale today - time for the kids to make freezer jam!
They are masters at this and took this job over a couple of summers ago - all I do is clean up afterwards :-)
Sunday - Father's Day! Took my daughter swimming while the boys went for a bike/run. Played mermaids and dolphins for an hour, then I hit the deep end for a few quick lengths while she dried off. Realized how woeful my form is - swim classes are definitely in order! Played catch with my son - great work for my pitching arm!

Monday - 1K walk at lunch, Curves after dinner.

Slow ball? Fast ball? Wonder what she's got up her sleeve...

Tuesday - 1K walk at lunch. Made Julie's Lasanga Cupcakes for dinner (YUM), then played catch with my daughter. Lots of bending and running and stretching to get the ball - she's still working on her aim :-)

Wednesday - Zumba AND Bootcamp. Having a hard time lifting my arms this evening!

Thursday - Rest day. 
Speaking of insprations - I'm really looking forward to meeting the Davis Boys!

Friday - Curves after dinner, including some pretty great cardio! Hey - the Do Life tour hits Toronto in a week!

Finally - here are the Week 3 'Queen of the Circuit' challenges:

Drink more water this week - Check - I'm noticing a trend here...
Avoid one carb this week - Check -  I gave up pasta. Those lasanga cupcakes were made with wonton wrappers!
Get out for a walk - Check.
Play one weekly game - Check
Do one Boot Camp - Check
Set a Goal this Week - Check -
Check Body Mass - Check - BMI sitting at 32.5
Workout three times - Check

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  1. Wow...thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad that I can be an inspiration to you! That's what's so great about this blogging stuff, helping to make changes in people that you don't really "know" and making new friends all over the world! I know that if I a non exercising woman (in her late 30's) can change her life around and in 6ish years get to the point of training for a half ironman, well anyone can do it if that's where their goals lie.

    So glad to hear you tried the lasagna cupcakes!