Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Queen Standing: Week 1 of 10

So - my Curves has started a new contest: Queen of the Circuit. This is the start of 10 weeks of challenges to support an ultimate goal of losing 10% of body fat.

Did I sign up? You know I did!

Turns out that I am fiercely competitive - especially against myself - and I want to see if I can commit to this.

This competition is coming just in time to get me back on track. I have noticed that my portion sizes are starting to become a bit more...generous...and my habit of reaching for treats is starting to become a bit more...frequent. Not good!


Week 1 Challenges:

Inital Weigh in - Check
Drink More Water -  Check - easy, I love water
Give up one bad food  - Check - harder to do - I stopped picking up tasty tasty Pizzaiolo for lunch!
Call a Friend - Check - went out for dinner with friends from the neighbourhood
Book a Retraining Session - Check
Workout 3x - Check
Take one Boot Camp Class - Check - and it kicked my butt!

Here's this week's recap:

Carb loading - my favourite!
While wheat pasta with pomodoro sauce, roaster red peppers and spinach. YUM!
Saturday - Took the kids to my SIL's for a birthday party for our nephew, then left our kids there for a sleepover - today is our wedding anniversary! Went out to dinner (see above carb loading) and a movie (X-Men First Class - excellent prequel), then home early to be ready for tomorrow's race!

Hamming it up with my nephew on Sunday afternoon
Sunday - The Becel Ride for Heart, home for a shower, then out to pick up the kids. We met everyone at a park, played with the cousins and went on a nature walk before heading home. Took a lovely nap in the hammock with my daughter when we got home.

Monday - Stairs from 7 to 9 and back again about 8 times, racing back and forth from the office to a meeting. Curves after dinner.

Tuesday - Rest day.

Wednesday - Crazy heat wave day! Zumba + 39 pushups after dinner.

Walking past the Courthouse - can't  help but dip my hand when I pass a fountain
 Thursday - 2.5 walk in the morning, 1.8K round trip walk in the evening to go out for dinner.

Boot Camp did me in!
Friday - 1.5K walk at lunch, Boot Camp class (including 56 pushups) and Curves after dinner. OMG that was intense.

What I'm reading this week - Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

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