Monday, June 6, 2011

25K Ride for Heart? Check!

The Becel Ride for Heart - what a fabulous event! Hands down, my favourite so far and definitely a race that I'll do again next year. It helped that the weather was stunningly beautiful!

This one was one of my big, scary goals for 2011 and I'm wicked proud of myself for doing it.
After crossing the finish line
If you're not familiar with this event: Toronto closes two major highways for this one every spring. Follow the Gardiner east alongside Lake Ontario, then head north on the DVP through the beautiful Don Valley before turning back to the start.

This being my first time, I picked the 25K course (there are also 50K and 75K routes). This was a reasonably easy course with a few gradual slopes, two short hills and a beautiful view - and how cool was it to be riding on these car-free highways?!
Ever take a picture of yourself during a ride? Flattering, no?
Didn't realize that my helmet was sitting that far back - time to adjust it.
# of times that I stopped: 1 (15 seconds at the turn-around to text my progress to my husband)

# of hills that I walked up: 0

# of hills that I wanted to walk up but rode up anyway: 1

# of bugs that I swallowed: 0

Amount of food that I ate after crossing the finish line: Vast. Thank you to the organizers for having fresh fruit, bagels, juice, water and granola bars on hand. So appreciated.

Now, I call that a successful race!

I am very proud to say that I finished in 1H10 - but disappointed that it was over so quickly! I am definitely signing up for the 50K route for 2012. It comes with more hills so will be more challenging - but that's a good thing, right? Make that one my first big, scary goal for next year!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Good for you!!!! And yea for not swallowing any bugs...I hate that! :)