Friday, March 23, 2012

Race Season Begins!

Sarah, me, Rachel - St. Pat's 5K: Check!

We have liftoff!

Between now and the end of the summer, I'm in about one event a month. It was a bit hard mentally getting back into the swing of things after a 10-week break from racing but we got things going this week with a very fun St. Pat's 5K.  

We has a great time when we did this race last year and decided to use it to kick-start this year's race season. The out and back course is a bit dull aside from the last KM, but it's a reasonably flat route and this is generally a fun event. Tons of energy and lots of green and silly costumes at this race.

Just like my latest C25K training run, I had a very uneven race - run 5 mins, fast walk 2, run 3, slow walk 2 and so on. I started out too fast, dressed too warmly, and had too many late nights and treats over March Break. No surprise that I struggled.

But a winter's worth of boot camps and 7 weeks of C25K paid off, because I shaved 58 seconds off my best time.

Which made me extremely happy.

New PR: 39:06.

I may be slow, but I'm faster than I was!

And a few days after the race, I found out that the course was actually 130 metres too long.

Big grin.

I've been eating well and easing back on training this week. Let's see how I do in this weekend's Around the Bay 5K. Would be great to break through that 39 minute mark.

Here's this week's recap:

Saturday - Tail end of March Break and my cousin's visit. Took the kids to High Park for a few hours of strolling and climbing.

Stella makes an excellent goalie.

Sunday - St. Pat's 5K, then met my family at the park for a lively game of dog soccer. 2K stroll with Stella before bed. Feeling good, and very pleased with myself to be tired but not completely exhausted after the run.

Monday - Curves circuit + boot camp (200 crunches + another crazy-short-but-intense session)

Tuesday - REST DAY. 2K stroll with Stella.

Wednesday -  1K jog with the dog beside a scooter-riding girl. Later, Curves circuit + boot camp (300 crunches + 2 x 35second planks + crazy/short/intense session)

Thursday - Rest Day.

Friday - Took kids and dog to the park. Lovely evening, made even better by my husband bringing Indian food home for dinner.

Spring showed up this week in most of North America - how did you take advantage of this wave of lovely weather? We found ourselves outside more in the evenings and started puttering around with the outdoor chores. Next step - get the bikes tuned up this weekend. Can't wait to get back on two wheels! 

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