Saturday, December 17, 2011

You Have Got to be Kidding Me

Mere moments after hitting publish on last week's post about being grateful to be at the end of a hectic work season, I started to feel unwell. Tired, nauseous, achy. SO tired. Did what I could to help get the house ready - we were having the extended family over the next day for lunch to celebrate my son's birthday - but I felt like I was moving through molasses. Went to bed oh so early.

Next day, I was better but still moving slowly. Baked a cake. Tidied up. But generally had to rely on my husband to do most of the work. Family arrived and we took the dogs to the dog park while my husband finished off the cooking. Found myself doing a lot of sitting around during the party, and ultimately went to bed for the night at 4pm after everyone left.


I assumed that I was crashing hard after getting through that hectic period at work, and that perhaps I'd overdone it a bit at bootcamp, maybe strained a muscle.

Spent the next few days generally achy, tired, nauseous. With an increasingly painful ache just under my ribs. Which lead to very poor sleep and an aching back.

I finally got to the doctor yesterday and it turns out to be a gall bladder attack.


After losing so much weight, generally eating well and getting daily exercise?

Well, gall bladder problems do run in my family. And I had been terrifically stressed. And eating wayyy too much takeout and pre-holiday treats during the busy time.

Still, this seems like such a cliche, coming mere weeks after I turned 40. Actually, it feels like middle age just reared up and slapped me.

You could say that I'm taking it personally.


Next steps - changing to an ultra low-fat diet has helped immediately.Will stick to this for the better part of a week to give things a chance to really calm down. Seeing the chiro for an adjustment helped - my posture was way, wayyyy off after being in pain for almost a week. Back to the gym in a few days. Having an ultrasound later in the week to look for stones. After that - well, watch the stress and watch the treats.

On the good side - this should help me break through the plateau I've been stuck in for the past few months. I've lost a few pounds this week, but let's see if they stay off or if they were just water weight...

Anything throw you off your game recently? How are you coping with it?

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  1. I had my gall bladder taken out when Spud was 6 months old. Gall bladder attacks suck. Having said that, if you can avoid surgery with diet changes, that is ideal. I wish I'd had that option, but in my case, it all happened really fast.