Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution Run? Half-Check!

Well, hello there!

It's been a while, I know.

Turns out that in addition to the gall bladder attack I mentioned last time, I also had a fairly large gallstone working its way through my system (TMI? Sorry!) and ended up with obstructive jaundice. I've spent the last two weeks super tired, nauseous and extremely itchy ALL THE TIME, and...yellow! Yeesh.

Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot of moving going on over the last three weeks.

Good news: I have a bunch of followup doctor's appointments in my near future, but I have been cleared to go back to the gym. I tried, but only managed 3/4 of a light workout earlier this week. Bah.

Here's some great news: Looks like this is clearing up. I FINALLY felt like myself again by the end of this week. Just in time for today's Resolution Run!

My son, sister-in-law and nephew all ran this one too! We lucked out with the weather - drizzly but a pleasant 4C and NO WIND - but it was a very, very boring course. Great way to finish off the year, though!

I started strong but ran out of steam pretty fast and ended up pulling out at the end of the first lap, at the 2.5K mark. Not surprising, considering that I could barely walk my dog around the block 10 days ago.

It's a drag, but I'm at peace with it.
Starting chute. My sister-in-law and I in orange with my son between us. Can't see him, but my nephew's there too.

And we're off! Two ladies in orange and one orange-haired kid. Still can't see my nephew.

My brother-in-law, younger nephew and daughter watching the action

Me sprinting in to the half-way / finish line. Managed 2.5K in 18:20. I would have PR'd if I could have kept this up!

There's my nephew, sprinting to the finish line! He's a SPEEDY KID.  34:15
This was his first 5K. He started planning his races for 2012 before he crossed the finish line today.

My SIL sprinting behind her son. She's pretty speedy too. Another PR for today.  34:30

I walked back to meet my son and sprinted in the last 100 metres with him.
Notice how he's pulling ahead of me here. Another speedy kid. His legs are moving so fast that they're blurry!

Yep, that's another PR set today. 38:15.

Sarah and Rachel were there too. And they set more PRs!

All done and ready to go out for brunch

So - what's next?

First - celebrate New Year's Eve tonight with family and good friends. :-)

Next - Get back to the gym and build myself back up, get back in the pool, and keep a close eye on a few event websites for registration to open. More about that later.

Happy New Year! What's at the top of your list for 2012?

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  1. Nice job on the race. Sometimes we have to adjust our expectations because of what life throws at us. You dealt with what was thrown at you really well. I'd probably have been feeling sorry for myself far more.