Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fine Example of an Uneven Week

Ever have one of those weeks that's wildly uneven? Days where you are pleased with the exercise you got and/or food you choose, alternating with days that couldn't be further off the mark if you tried? I had one of those this week. Check it out:

Saturday - the week started off well, even if I do look rather intense here!

Saturday - Rode my bike to Curves and back (6K round trip); worked out + 58 pushups. Spent the afternoon and the rest of the day sitting around - sitting in the car to go to London, sitting at friends' houses. Also at a lot of cheese.

Sunday - More sitting around with friends and eating cheese. Got in the car to come home and ran into terrible weather. Freezing rain and sleet turned what should have been a 2-hour trip home into a stressful 4-hour ordeal. Multiple roll-overs, multiple cars in the ditch and countless fenderbenders. None of which involved us, thank God. Got home wayyyy late.

Monday - Very tired. Skipped the stairs and the gym. Saw the chiropractor after work - I've got some crazy neck and shoulder issues going on after spending so much time in the dentist's chair last week.

Tuesday - I love this sculpture in Commerce Court! Something awesome - it's right outside the Running Room.

Tuesday - Lunchtime walk, 2.1K. Skipped the stairs. Not an ideal decision considering that the Tower climb is in less than 2 weeks. Spent the evening driving kids to and from their activities, then ended up at Emerg in the late evening with my son, who was complaining of stomach cramps. Fortunately, it turned out to be nothing serious. Took a while to get seen  - we didn't get home from the hospital until 5:30am the next morning.

Later on Tuesday - MUCH later. It's 3AM and we've still got 2 hours of waiting to go.
Wednesday - Absolutely shattered. 'Nuff said.

Thursday - Zumba + Curves after dinner. Sweated so much that my eyes were stinging. Great workout!

Friday - Nope, not an emergency. It's a film shoot. One of the official signs of spring in Toronto.

Friday - Went for a gentle stroll at lunchtime. Maybe 1K. Back to the chiro after work.

CN Tower is in one week, folks. Yikes!

What I learned this week - If I don't bring my lunch to work, I don't exercise mid-day. I'm too hungry to exercise before I pick something up, and too full + pressed for time to go out again after I eat. Better to bring a salad + something, eat the salad while I work, go for a walk, then eat the rest while I work after I get back. Next week = back on track, right?

What I'm reading this week - Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.


  1. One thing about an uneven week, at least it wasn't a entirely poor week. It sounds like there was some legitimate holdbacks on some of your days. Next week you'll rock it!

  2. Thanks Deb! Appreciate the pep talk. I went swimsuit shopping today, which doubled my resolve to get back on track next week :-)

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I just found your blog.
    I had the same kindo of week. Thanks for wrting about it! Look forward to following you!

  4. Hi Doreen,

    Thanks for your comment. Just read your blog for the first time and am looking forward to reading more! Hope your weekend is going well -