Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Quite Spring

At the beginning of this week - cautiously - I wanted to believe that winter was over -

  • Saw a few robins
  • Bulbs started popping up in the sunny parts of the garden
  • I found myself planning to clean the garage (well, soon)
  • I got my bike out!
Monday: Hyacinths (left) and tulips (top centre & right) are on their way!!

Aaaaaand then Mother Nature pulled a bait and switch:

Wednesday - bulbs are totally buried in snow. Sigh.

False start aside, the longer days have got me thinking of spring and getting into the garden. Here's something awesome -

There is a small garden in the front corner of our yard, and I've been planning to expand this spring. I spent some time this winter researching native plants that will attract butterflies & bees and that can survive the sunny, dry conditions in that spot. I made a list of plants to look for at the nursery later this spring, started thinking of a site plan, and got the kids excited enough about the idea of a butterfly garden that they have promised to help dig and plant.

My design skills are limited, and I tend to cram too many plants into a space, so I have been nervous about being able to come up with something attractive...but I'm willing to give it a shot...!

Well, things just got a LOT easier! LEAF's latest newsletter announced that they have started selling native plants kits - a selection of native perennials includng a few ornamental grasses and shrubs. Kits are available to attract either either butterflies or songbirds and to fill either a 25- or 50 sq-ft space. Comes with mulch, a few design plans for differently shaped gardens - and is delivered to your door in planting season (late May) for one sweet price. All of the plants that were on my list - and a few more - are in the butterfly kit. Their timing is absolutely perfect!
If you live in Toronto and are looking to start or expand your garden - check them out! I ordered a shrub from LEAF in the past and was very pleased with their customer service, their pricing (includes delivery!), and the size & health of the plant I received.

I've ordered a 25 sq-ft butterfly kit. Looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt!

Friday - chilly but the snow is shrinking. Don't give up hope just yet.
Here's this week's recap -

Saturday - Time to get training for the June Becel ride. Rode my bike to Curves, worked out, rode over to meet my family for lunch, then rode home. 7.35K total - and nothing flat about it. Hills hills hills - and I rode the whole way! Gives me hope that I'll be OK in the 25K.

Sunday - Nothing. Lazy, lazy last-day-of-vacation day.

Monday - Ack, time to get back at it. Stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch; Curves after dinner; 43 pushups. GO GO GO!

Tuesday - Stairs to 7 in AM and at lunch.

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM. Spent the rest of the day in a meeting. Sitting - until we walked to a pub. Spent some more time sitting, but this time with a pint in hand.

Thursday - Curves + Zumba after dinner + 50 (yes, FIFTY!) pushups.

Friday - Stairs to 7 in AM, quick 1.5K walk at lunch.

What I'm reading this week -  A Fearful Symmetry by Stephen Shawcross; Shame by Karin Alvtegen.


  1. We just got snow dumped on us again too. I was starting to have hope that I could take my bike out, but alas, not yet...

  2. We finally have dry pavement in Toronto, but I'm waiting for the temperature to get a few degrees warmer before I take my bike out again. My ears get too cold at anything cooler than 5C!