Friday, March 4, 2011

March Already? Better Get Training!!!!!

All of a sudden, it's March and the moving kicks into high gear! I'm signed up for an event every few weeks between now and mid-July, after being on a weather-imposed break since the Jan 1 Resolution Run.

Next event is the St. Pat's 5K on March 13 - that's SOON! For the past 2 months, Lynda and I let our lunchtime walks deteriorate into strolls to run errands. This week? We took things up a notch and turned them back into full-on power walks. Woohoo! We are having fun mapping out a variety of different routes to keep things interesting.

I love snow-covered pine trees. So beautiful.
On a walk with my kids through our neighbourhood - late February 2011
Here's this week's recap:

Saturday - Curves in AM, then hosted a birthday party for my daughter with 6 of her friends. Caaaaaake.

Sunday - Took my daughter swimming for about 90 minutes. Meanwhile, my son came home from a winter camping trip. Tent camping! Weather was perfect for them - snowy and not too cold. They went snowshoing and sledding, played a ton of games out in the snow and did some stargazing away from the city's light-pollution - fabulous!

Monday - Easy 2.1K lunchtime walk with Lynda; ran the kids to the park and back after school (1.5K round trip); Curves after dinner, 36 pushups.

Tuesday - Stairs to 7 in AM, fast 2.5K lunchtime walk past the AGO, 37 pushups.

Trying a few routes outside of the financial district - March 2011
Wednesday - 2.6K powerwalk at lunch past St. James Cathedral; Curves after dinner, 38 pushups.

Thursday - 1.3K walk at lunch around City Hall (time was tight), 40 minutes of straight Zumba and a quick Curves circuit + 39 pushups after dinner.

Friday - 1.5K walk at lunch, 40 pushups in the evening. Trip to the Running Room in between. Bought my very first wicking shirt, wicking capris, and a snazzy red Running Room jacket. So looking forward to doing the St. Pat's 5K in NON-COTTON clothes! OH - NEWSFLASH! The shirt and capris are ladies' size XL, and the jacket is a unisex size L - which makes these the first clothes I've bought in smaller-than-plus sizes in, oh - 13 years? WOOHOO!!!!

What I'm reading this week - Adultery by Richard B. Wright. Now I'm paranoid about what my husband may be up to when I'm not around, thanks for that (eye roll).

Lunchtime walks are much more fun with a change of scenery - March 2011

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  1. Congrats on all the moving and the smaller size clothes!!!

    You will love having the tech fabrics instead of cotton for sure.