Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Scary Goals (aka The Things I Do for a T-Shirt)

Got any Big Scary Goals? What are they?

I've been trying to break out of my comfort zone. Getting any exercise at all was the first step. Overhauling my eating habits was another. Now it's on to trying new things that I didn't do back before I started moving.  I'm a cautious person by nature, which means that my courage comes slowly when trying New Things, Bigger Things, and summoning the resolve to try Scary Things that I never would have been capable of Before. But it's coming! I believe this is also called Doing Life ;-)

I've been setting modest fitness goals for myself - continue to lose weight, shave some seconds off my 5K times, that sort of thing. I have also tried to start setting big, scary goals for myself, to try things that I think are a real stretch...but still achievable. It's a safe approach to big scary goals - but it's the way I do things!

2009's was to try my first 5K walk. Goal: Show up on the day of the event without chickening out. Check!

2010's was to do the CN Tower Climb. Goal: Get to the top without dying. Check!

2011's is to do the 25K option in the Becel Ride for the Heart in June. Goal: Get to the finish line without dying.

Do or do not - there is no 'try'

All of a sudden, I have a second one for 2011 - the Warrior Dash in July. Goal: Get to the finish line without dying.

I happened to see this one mentioned on Jed's blog, looked it up, and it looks sooooo fun. Dirty, hard and fun. As long is it doesn't conflict with the DoLife Unofficial 5K....?

This one comes with a t-shirt, finisher's medal AND a fuzzy helmet! BRING IT ON!
Mentioned it to my sister as a possible for 2012 - she's in!

Mentioned it to my running girls and was immediately told that we're doing it in 2011. Which terrifies me! My sister, too. But when one of your buddies is pushin' 60 years old, is raring to sign up for this, and implies that you're a wimp for wanting 18 months to train for then. 2011 it is!

But I guess that's the point of big, scary goals. They're scary!

Good lord - what is 2012 going to send my way?

Here's this week's recap:

Saturday - Curves workout in the AM, then powerwalked my daughter to gymnastics class and back. Side trip to the bakery. Total = 1.7K. Started doing pushups in honour of training for the Dash. Managed 4 guy ones + 16 girl ones.

Sunday - Family lunch for my daughter and brother-in-law's birthdays. Cake, white buns, quiche, homefries, cheese. The good news? Lots of raw veggies and NO CHIPS! Shoveled snow for a few minutes when we got home. Pushups: 5 guy + 17 girl.

Mmmmm - cake!

Monday - 1K powerwalk at lunch; Curves workout after dinner. Have a bit of a cold - gave myself the present of skipping the stairs. Pushups: 6 guy + 18 girl.

Tuesday - 1K powerwalk at lunch.

Wednesday - 2.1K powerwalk at lunch. Feeling fussy today - mid-winter blahs? Dreaming of burgers and chips and salt and grease. Drank water and did pushups instead: 7 guy and 20 girl.

Thursday - Zumba Curves after dinner; 8 guy + 22 girl pushups.

Friday - Home with a sick daughter. Challenged my son to a pushup competition. He smoked me! 10 + 30 compared to my 9 + 24.

What I'm reading this week - Open House by Elizabeth Berg, On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot. Wow - three books in one week!


  1. Big scary goals are good....I've got a couple this year, I'm both excited and scared to death!

  2. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog and read you regularly. Will be cheering you on (in spirit) when you get to the starting line of your next 1/2 this spring!