Friday, December 10, 2010

We Shuffled!

Hot and sweaty after crossing the finish line
Lynda, Jen, Kat and Emma - December 2010
The 5K Santa Shuffle was a lot of fun! Nice quick event, perfect weather (-2C, sunny, no wind), and I got to see Santa!

There were four of us in this together: Emma and Kat ran; Lynda and I power walked.

Lynda was hoping that we'd finish in 45 minutes - and we were very pleased to finish under that time! Lynda moved moved moved and finished in 42 minutes; I hustled to try to keep up with her and fnished in 44:13. She's a speedy one! So glad that she was there to set the pace, same way that she has been doing in all of our training walks. I never would have moved this quickly on my own. Wonder how I'll do in the Resolution Run next month when she's not there!

You know something though? I've been bitten by the 'sign up for an event' bug...but I'm glad that this was only 5K. I don't think that I would have enjoyed anything longer than that. Under an hour? No problem. Longer than that - um, no thanks. I guess I'm a sprinter rather than a marathoner. Whatever - as long as I keep moving, it's all good.

Here's a recap from this week:

Saturday - Santa Shuffle. Started at 10am, was home by 11.30. Kids and husband went out for a few hours shortly afterwards and I had a lovely lovely long epsom salts bath in peace!

Our reward? Getting to meet Santa! Dec 2010
Sunday - Oh, I'm feeling each and every muscle that didn't get stretched properly. PJ day today. Decorated for Christmas and moved a bunch of furniture around.

Monday - Back to it. Stairs to 7 in AM, 2K walk at lunch - still a bit stiff so walked a bit more slowly than usual. Got an email from Emma inviting us to do the St. Patrick's Day 5K Fun Run/Walk in March 2011. Um...OK, I'm in! Curves workout after dinner.

Tuesday - Stairs to 7 in AM, stairs to 12 at lunchtime, Curves after dinner.

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM, stairs to 12 at lunchtime. Fun evening - kids had their last pre-recital piano lesson, then my daughter was in a gymnastics show at our community centre.

Thursday - Started the day at school, watching the school Winter Concert. Snatched some time to run errands, walking about 1.5K, the stairs to 7 when I got to work. Curves workout after dinner. Today was workout #299...!

Friday - Stairs to 7 in AM. Busy work day - didn't get to the stairs or  for a walk at lunch. Oh well - it happens.

What I'm reading this week: Not much of anything. It's been a busy week. I'm barely managing to skim the newspaper every day.  Oh, I did read an Archie comic that one of the kids left in my room. Good to see what the Riverdale gang are up to - it's been a while since I checked in on them ;-)

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