Saturday, December 18, 2010

300 Workouts and an (almost) End of Year Wrap-up

So - it's a busy time of year. The change in season means I've had a spend a fair amount of time shopping for new boots and cold weather gear for the kids, Christmas is coming, my son's birthday is here, and work is busy busy. Oh so tempting to skip the gym, to skip the lunchtime exercise, to take the elevator instead of the stairs. But I haven't. You know why? The Shirt.

My Curves milestones shirts - December 2010
Every 100 workout at Curves = a milestone shirt. I did the math this fall and realized that if I wanted to earn my next shirt before the end of the year, that I'd have to make it to the gym 3 times a week without fail. Every time I felt like skipping...too tired, too busy, too not-in-the-mood...I shoved those thoughts aside, grabbed my bag and hit the gym. It helped that I was in sort-of-training for the Santa Shuffle, it helped that I wanted a good result for my end-of-year weigh-in, but mostly, it was so that I could earn my 300th Workout Shirt.

I'm proud to say that I earned it this week! Not only did I earn The Shirt, but the manager presented it to me as I came off the last machine at the end of my workout. Fabulous.

What's going to keep me going to the gym now on those days when I might not feel like it? Well - I've got a few ideas. I'm gearing up for the Resolution 5K run/walk on Jan 1 and there's the St. Patrick's Day 5K Fun Run to train for in March. I'm sure a few other events will presesnt themselves along the way, but I also want to earn my 400th Workout shirt before I turn 40 in the fall.

Oh, The Shirt. There's a great ode to The Shirt over at Check it out!

My weigh-in was decent. My size has been shinking more slowly this year than last but the numbers are still headed in the right direction. I'm 71.2lbs lighter and 44" smaller than January 1, 2009.  :-)

Here's how this week went -

Well - I signed up for another event...!
At this rate, I'll never need to buy another t-shirt again
Saturday - Curves in the AM, then home to clean and polish and vacuum and declutter and such - the family came over to celebrate our son's birthday. Lasagne and cheese platter and cake and ice cream and sweets and goodies. Did my best. I do find parties really hard when it comes to watching what I eat. The good news? There weren't any chips - my ultimate weakness - in the house! I asked the kids not to throw any in the grocery cart when we were shopping for the party, and not only did they put the Party Size Bag of Cheezies that they were hugging back on the shelf, they were cheerful about it! Good, good kids - thanks!!!

Sunday - A day of rest. Went to the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert with husband and kids. A great time as always - funny stories, fabulous music!.

Monday - 1.75K walk + stairs to 7 at lunch. Curves workout after dinner.

Hot chocolate and carolling with my daughter - Dec 2010
(still a pro at taking pictures of myself)
Tuesday - Stairs to 7 at lunch. Quick dinner to celebrate my son's birthday, then out for both kids to perform in their piano recital. Hey - the snow showed up today - we might be able to go sledding this weekend!

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM and again at lunch.

Thursday - 1.5K power walk at lunch; Curves workout after dinner.

Friday - 2.4K power walk at lunch. Went to a community carol sing with my daughter after dinner. We played in the snow, had hot chocolate, got to pet a police horse, and walked 1.6K home. Nice evening! On the walk home, she mentioned liking walking places, because "it keeps me fit and strong, just like you" Oh man - that got me right in my heart. If this girl can keep a healthy relationship with food and enjoy being active - I've done my job.

What I'm reading this week: Nothing. I did pick up a magazine of word puzzles and have been chipping away at those.  

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