Friday, January 28, 2011

Seriously - Step Away from the Cheese

We went away for the weekend at the beginning of this week to spend a couple of days staying with good friends. We have a great time when we get together - they are good friends, amazing hosts, have a very comfortable home, a lovely dog, wonderful kids - and a big yard for everyone to go outside and play.

There is the slight problem that these friends are amazing cooks, who use fresh, natural ingredients in everything that they make. This is a problem? Well - I find myself eating far too much when we're there, and doing a lot of nibbling in between meals. Pickles, fresh fruit and raw veggies are always in reach, however, I find it alarming to notice how much reaching I do for the high-fat foods on the table - this weekend, it was cheese, cream cheese, homemade guacamole, cashews...and more cheese.

I ate so much cheese that I had to sign up for a 5K! My son is going to join me for this one :-)
The result? I'm writing this a few hours after getting home and I'm feeling anxious. Really, really anxious, and I'm having a hard time figuring out why. A small part of it might be feeling guilty for having lost my self control around tempting foods - but I don't think that's really it as I have come to realize that days like these are minor setbacks that I can work off in the days ahead. I think I'm having a crash after eating so many high fat foods in such a short time. Wonder if there's anything to that. 

Lesson learned? I hope so. I feel seriously awful.

OK, Jennifer - repeat after me - Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

The good news? My gym has started their own version of The Biggest Loser. I've publicly committed to trying to lost 10 pounds over the next 3 months. Let's see how I do...!

Here's a recap of this week:

Saturday - Curves workout, then jumped in the car with the family to go out of town for the weekend.

Sunday - Spent the day lounging with our friends before driving back home in the evening. Very relaxing weekend - but (as above) paid hard for it on Sunday evening.

Monday - Stairs to 7 in AM; Curves workout after dinner.

Tuesday - Nothin' much today. Running late in the AM, too busy to get away at lunch (sigh), school open house in the evening. Try again tomorrow.

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM; short walk and stairs to 7 at lunch.

Thursday - Stairs to 7 in AM; short walk at lunch; Zumba Curves after dinner. SO FUN!

Friday - Stairs to 7 in AM; blasted the Gipsy Kings after dinner and gave my daughter a 10-minute Zumba lesson in the kitchen. Talk about fun :-)

What I'm reading this week: Just After Sunset, short stories by Steven King. Pure brain candy.

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