Friday, January 14, 2011

It Snowed!

Winter in Toronto is brief. December is usually pretty mild, we usually have a light dusting of snow in time for Christmas, and then the snow finally shows up sometime in January...just to melt by March 1st.

I grew up a bit north of the city, where snow showed up just after Halloween and hung around until well after March Break. A few snow days were guaranteed every year. Don't get that around here. In 8 years of school, my kids have had exactly 1/2 of a snow day, and fantasize about what life in snowier regions must be like. We were at my parent's house this past Mother's Day (May 10) and a blizzard showed up - my kids were thrilled!

Sledding day at High Park - January 2011

What are your favourite outdoor activites in the winter? We've never really gotten into skiing but we take the kids sledding and skating as often as we can. They both want to go snowshoeing and I'm regretting not having bought a Living Social deal I saw before Christmas to rent & get lessons for cheap.

Here's a recap from this week -
Saturday - Curves workout followed by short power walk (<1K) and snow shovelling. IT FINALLY SNOWED!

Sunday - Took the kids sledding for about 90 minutes. Went down the hill myself a bunch of times - which meant going back UP it a bunch of time. So much fun!

Monday - Stairs to 7 in AM; Curves workout after dinner.

Tuesday - Recovery day. My knees are tired - the trainers at the new Curves work me harder than at the old club. :-)

Wednesday - Nothing. Snowstorm made me late for work, busy day kept me at my desk all day. Didn't even have time for the stairs. Uck. Good news - Zumba Curves tomorrow!

Wait - if you haven't heard of Zumba or how Curves is working it into their circuit training, check out this video (1 minute):

Thursday - Stairs to 7 in AM, 1.2K power walk at lunch, 0.5K quickie walk after work, then 40 minutes of Zumba and 1/2 of a Curves circuit after dinner. Just a thought - I have GOT to get a pedometer!
Zumba was so, so fun! Good and sweaty. Salsa, merengue, samba...took some time to figure out the routines and how to be light on my feet - but I didn't step on anyone! Looking forward to next Thursday's class. Actually found myself doing some of the steps in PharmaPlus afterwards when I was shopping for milk and pencils (wow - what an exciting shopping list). Fortunately the store was pretty empty at the time, so the only person who saw me would have been whomever was watching the security cameras.

Friday - Stairs to 7 in AM and again at lunch. Feet are tired today after Zumba. Time has come to replace my old gym shoes. They are still looking good but are embarrassingly old. Let's see how the new ones do at Curves tomorrow.

What I'm reading this week - At Close Range, short stories by E. Annie Proulx - one of my favourite authors.
New sneaks - January 2011 - How do you pose your shoes for pictures?

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