Sunday, October 14, 2012

Unfinished Business

Ever sign up for a race because you feel like you had unfinished business on the course?
I just did.
Around this time last year, I signed up for the 5K course of the Around the Bay race for March 2012. The full event is a 30K; you can do the full or split it as a 2-or 3-person relay. This was one of those races that I'd been wanting to do, but at the time wasn't anywhere close to being mentally ready to tackle anything longer than a 5K.
So - I did the 5 and cheered my friends on as they did the relay or the full 30K. But I secretly wanted to be on one of those relay teams, and badly wanted to earn one of ATB's "Older than Boston" shirts - which you do not get if you only go for the 5K.
Well, since doing my first 10.5K this season, I'm ready to commit to a few more 10s. I reached out to my running buddies and we started partnering up for the next Around the Bay in March. In teams of two. Wait - what? That means doing 15K each - and winter training. Huh. OK!
This one is definitely going on my list of Big Goals for 2013. Funny thing is, going from the couch to 5K was a lot harder than going from 5K to 10K. And now that I've done 10, 15K seems manageable. Work, yes - but manageable rather than terrifying.
Then again, it seems manageable now, in October. And it will be in March - as long as I put in the training time this winter. Good thing I've got that big dog. That big, half-husky dog. Who loves running and loves winter.
As for unfinished business, I'm also feeling like I have some on the try-a-tri course I did this summer. Have reread my race recap a few times and am trying to decide if I want to give tri another go, or if I'm going to switch to du rather than face open water swimming at a race again. Something to think about.
Recap for this week -
This was a short week, thanks to Thanksgiving on Monday. Made it to the gym for a Zumba class and circuit, took Stella for a 3K run.
My daughter and I went to a wedding on Friday - my trainer, Ana, got married! Beautiful ceremony (not a dry eye in the house), and we did so much dancing that this just about counts as a workout :-) 

Dressed up and ready to go.
Was a rare chance to see my gym friends in non-wicking clothes, with hair and makeup done!

Took Stella to High Park the next morning and completely confused her by walking the trails rather than running them. Sorry, Stella - I was super tired.
Not the only time she stopped to stare at me. She could not figure out why I kept walking rather than start running.
And then we finished the weekend with a day trip to have Sunday dinner with my family. October is birthday season around here and we had some celebrathing to do. Also cake and cupcakes to eat. Back to the gym tomorrow!

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