Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting back in the game

Last week's post-race blues have worn off and I'm not quite as alarmed as I was at the thought of the upcoming tri and this fall's 10.5K. That's not quite shout-it-from-the-rooftop news, but it's a start!

I took some time to rest (great idea, Julie - thanks!), but also made sure that I went for a few runs. Building my endurance back to where it was at the beginning of summer, and then working on increasing my distance is pretty critical to both my confidence and my training plan. 

Here's how the week went -

Sunday - Had planned on brick training first thing this morning but thunderclouds rolled in as I was about to get out of bed and the Women's Olympics marathon was streaming live. But as soon as the runners crossed the finish line (what a finish! Did you watch it??)...

Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia (2L) competes during the Women's Marathon on Day 9 of the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 5, 2012 in London, England.

...the sky brightened up here and Stella told me she was desperate to go out. I bailed on the biking and went for what ended up being a short, sweaty run (2K of 2s and 1s)...

Stopped a few blocks from home to catch our breath.
...followed by a trip out to my in-laws' for a BBQ. Went on a humid 2.5K family walk down to the lake and back. Stopped to climb up on the war memorial (it's shaped like the deck of a battleship, cool!) to check out the view:

Monday - A holiday here in Ontario and a fabulous day. The temperature dropped a few degrees and the humidity broke! Hopped out of bed for some sorely needed brick training. 11K bike, then home to drop off bike/helmet, grab hat/leash and head out the door with Stella for a 2.5K run walk. Followed by a cold bath for my sore legs.

Tuesday - A combo Zumba/bootcamp/circuit training hour at Curves, followed by a 3K run. 4s and 1s. Short and sweet and the best run I've had in a while :-)

Wednesday - Back to Curves for a circuit and some strength training.

Thursday - Rest day. Walked the dog a slow 2.5K.

Friday - Another rest day. My shins and knees were tender - think it's time for new shoes.

Saturday - Lazy morning (Olympics) followed by chores, followed by a run with the dog. We did 4.6K of 5s and 1s, stopped at the dog park for 10 minutes or so, then 5 and 2 for the last 1K home.

Post run. Tired dog. Blurry dog.

Total for the week: 11K bike, 4 runs (14.1K), 1 boot camp + Zumba, 1 circuit.

How was your week? The humidity broke here towards the middle of the week and it's made a huge difference to me!

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