Friday, April 20, 2012

Dialing Back the Intensity (for a second week)

I kept things light again this week - the weekend was pretty tiring (more below) and I needed to rest up for a race coming up this weekend. I'll kick things up a notch next week.

So - why was my weekend tiring? The kids and I went on a sleepover at the Science Centre!

Goofing around while we wait for the program to start
We checked in, dropped off our bags, caught an IMAX movie (Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees) and a science demo, then had a few hours to explore the Centre. So great to have the place pretty much to ourselves - the kids were able to have extra time on their favourite exhibits and try out a few things that we ordinarily don't get to when things are crowded.

Pulleys make lifting weights easier

Using kid power to play a radio and power some lights

Rocket chair!
Stroke of good luck - our sleeping assignment was in our favourite hands-on gallery. I scored a great spot next to their favourite exhibit (an imitation beaver lodge) and by a huge window.

Midnight (yes, midnight) and time for bed. That floor was NOT SOFT.
 Up early the next morning for breakfast, then we had two more hours to explore around.

Surprisingly cheerful for 7am.

We had a great time. Being able to explore to our heart's content without any crowds really was the absolute best part of this and was well worth the price of admission. We even found exhibits that we didn't know existed! We've been on a similar sleepover before, at the zoo, and found the same thing: it's nice that the attraction puts on some special programming for the evening, but having the place pretty much to yourself is absolutely fabulous.

I highly recommend that you give this a try if you have the chance!

Like I said - I kept the rest of the week pretty light:

Sun/Mon - rest days. Walked the dog.

Tuesday - biked to the gym for Zumba class and a boot camp. 7 minutes on the stairstepper, 40 pushups, 1 min plank, 200 crunches, 4 burpees. Good lord, burpees are hard.

Wednesday - drove to the gym. Did a circuit and a boot camp. 290 crunches, 50 pushups, side planks, standard plank, 11 burpees.

Finally got a picture of my sweaty self where I actually look sweaty.
I don't look as sweaty as I actually was, but at least you can tell that I'd done some work.

Thursday - Walked over to school in the evening for the Spring Concert. My son was helping to run music for the other grades and performed a song with his class.
Friday - Rest day. Son and I are climbing the CN Tower tomorrow morning!

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