Friday, November 18, 2011

You Know it's All in Your Head, Right?

You read Deb Tris, right?

I've mentioned Deb here before. She's a wise, wise woman.

Deb has spent the last while taking up running, shedding her extra weight, and getting to the finish line of triathalons. Swim, bike, run!

She has accomplished amazing things, but, like most of us, had held a somewhat conservative view of what she's capable of and where her limits are. She's spent a fair bit of time reflecting on this recently and working on letting go of those mental barriers. And go figure - she's started having regular breakthoughts in her training and smashing her personal records.

There's a lesson here, people.

Let go of who you think you are and find out who you ACTUALLY are.

My mother (Hi Mom!) told me, and I'm sure your mother told you, that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

It's absolutely true - but we also need to make sure that we set our sights high enough. Beyond what we think our limits are.

This is true in all areas of our lives. And it's funny how other people are able to see what we're capable of so much more clearly than we see ourselves.

A small example from my own life - Ana knows that I'm capable of doing a boot camp right after a workout. So for the past few weeks, she's been making me do a boot camp after my workouts. Ana also knows that I'm capable of doing more reps than I think I can, and that I'm able to do them faster than I would do on my own. So she makes me do more reps, faster. And guess what? She's right - I can do them.

Which was very illuminating. Wonder what else I can do...?

Well - I used to define myself as "not a runner - I am SO not a runner - I'm a power walker".

Even after I started run/walking during races rather than signing up as a walker.

Even in the last few months when I've started run/walking with my new dog.

I've started to let go of that "I'm not a runner" thinking and what do you know - all of a sudden I'm running a bit more and walking a bit less with that dog. She's happy and I'm astonished. It's got my rethinking my goals for my finish line times over the next few months, I'll tell you that.

I've got a number of other mental limits to reassess. But I've gotten started, so that's good. Thank you, Deb and Ana!

To those ladies at my gym who watch boot camp from a distance but haven't joined in because "Oh, I'm not strong enough for that - you girls go ahead"?

I've got news for you - you ARE strong enough. Just give it a try. You know you want to!

To my fit friend who REALLY wants to do a 5K but is letting fear hold her back? Same thing.

What about you - what do you want to do, but think you're not capable of? What are you going to do about it?

Here's this week's recap -

Perfect day to practice our road safety kills
Saturday - Curves + 35 pushups; took the kids on a 5.75K bike ride to run errands; 2K run/walk with the dog.

Another great day. This has been a beautiful fall!
Sunday - 2K dog walk in the AM; 2.5K nature hike (hills! trails! streams!) with the cousins and the dogs in the afternoon.

Monday - Rest day, but a busy one. Work, parent-teacher meeting, trip to the chiro.

Tuesday - 1K dog walk in the evening.

Wednesday - 1K dog run/walk, Curves circuit + boot camp including 40 pushups + 15 mins on the stairstepper, 2K dog run/walk.

Thursday - Oh man. Zumba + Curves circuit + boot camp + 15 minutes on the stairstepper. Allow me to elaborate on the boot camp:  tonight was a 60-second plank, 25 pushups, 30 tricep dips, 250 assorted situps & crunches, 140 assorted leg lifts for each leg. Somebody else needs to walk the dog tonight - I'm beat!

Visiting my favourite sculpture always makes me happy
You can just barely see one of the two babies behind her - she's leading them to a water fountain.
Friday - Rest day, oh happy rest day. Went for a light walk at lunch (1.3K); 2K dog walk in the evening.


  1. I loved reading this post. :)

    Jen, one of these days, I'm going to make it to Toronto (that's where you are, right?), or you're going to make it to Calgary and we'll do a 5k together. :)

  2. Hey Deb? Absolutely. As soon as one of us heads to Toronto or Calgary, it's a date!

  3. I loved that post Deb did too!

    Amazing workouts! That boot camp looks crazy!