Friday, September 9, 2011

Wearing Swim Goggles is an Eye-Opening Experience

Rocking the goofy fish face
OK - so here's the story - I've been swimming ever since I can remember. I've lived near a lake or a pool just about my entire life and love, love, love to get wet.

But I've never had goggles, and so I've always swam with my eyes shut. Or with my head above water and eyes open.

Clearly this is a large contributor to my poor swimming form.

And I probably never would have bothered to do anything about it, except that I'm aiming for those try-a-tris next summer. Time to get this sorted out.

Picked up a pair of goggles, got to a pool with the kids and WOW! So exciting - I felt like I was 5 years old! Spent the first 20 minutes trying to get the kids to play underwater games with me. LOOK AT ME, DUNK UNDER WATER AND WAVE TO ME, COME ON LET'S PLAY!!!

"Um, Mom? You're being a little embarrassing."

Maybe - but after 39 years of swimming with my eyes shut? WOW!

Swam off to do a few laps, and discovered a lot more to WOW about. Amazing how much difference this made to my speed, my breathing - everything.

Reminds me of my first workout in tech wear last year after finally ditching cotton. Having the right equipment really makes a difference.

Best $19.99 I ever spent!

Here's this week's recap -

Saturday - Great day: went to the gym, took the kids to the pool (see above), took the dog to the dog park (just checked - it's a 2K round trip), then an 8K round trip on my bike to run errands. Oh man, I'm going to sleep well tonight!

Just before this, they were playing Splashpad Warrior Dash - crawling under 'barbed wire' and jumping over 'fire'. Fabulous!
Sunday - Road trip! We drove out of town to visit my family. Got some sprints in playing fetch with Stella while she was onleash - very fun. Took the kids and Stella to the beach for a couple of hours. All were very happy to get wet!

It's a fact: if you roll around in compost in the trees behind Grandma's house and then roll around in dead frog, you will definitely get to go swimming.
Monday - Labour Day! 1.7K dog walk, 2.6K family bike ride after dinner. General nuttiness getting kids ready for school.

Tuesday - First day of school. Two kids now at two different schools = this is going to take some getting used to. Not a bad start though. 2K round trip to the dog park after school.

Wednesday - 2K dog park walk, Curves.

Thursday - 2K dog park walk, Curves  + 20 minute mini boot camp, 1.5K dog walk.

GPOYD: "Waiting for the boy to spray the hose" Edition
Friday - Too hot for the dog park right after work, so goofed around in the backyard with her instead. This is a dog who likes to get wet - which means she fits in well with this family! Took her to the park at the end of the day.

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