Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doing Life

Oooh - what's this in my mailbox? :-)

This was a crazy busy week. Lots of fun but oh boy does this time of year make me nuts. So many events to attend, and so much to get done before my son's December birthday and Christmas. Have to remind myself to keep breathing, get things done when I can, and enjoy the ride.

You guys know who Ben Davis is, right? He's the Ben Does Life guy and he's been a great source of inspiration for me. Instead of getting crazy over how busy the season is, I'm reminding myself that I'm doing life. I ordered one of his stickers a week or so ago, and it arrived in my mailbox this week on an afternoon when I was feeling a bit dark. Totally brightened my day, and got me to get over myself. I need that kick in the pants every so often!

Here's a recap from this week:
Andrews Family - all together at last! November 2010

Saturday - Rode my bike to Curves (5K round trip), worked out. Went to my parents for the weekend for a big surprise party for my step-father's 70th birthday. First time seeing my stepbrother, stepsister and nephews in a long time - they came from England for a surprise - and the first time that all 5 grandchildren have ever been together. So great!

Sunday - Oh my, that was quite a party. I forgot how long and hard the Brits go when they get together. No exercise today, but plenty of comfort food and taking it easy. Oh my my my.

Monday - Fresh start. Stairs to 7 in the AM; lunchtime power walk of about 1.75K. Power half-hour at Curves after dinner.

My wall at work - with my new 'Do Life' sticker!
November 2010
 Tuesday - Stairs to 7 in AM; lunchtime power walk of about 2K.

Wednesday - Stairs to 7 in AM. Took the afternoon off of work; walked 1K to a mall and ran errands for a few hours. Curves workout after dinner.

Thursday - Stairs to 7 in AM. Quick walk to the Four Season's Centre to catch a free lunchtime concert (Cuban Jazz) - about 700m round trip. After dinner, went the the school's fall soiree. Parked at my friend's house; power walked to the hall and back (1K each way).

Friday - Late for work so had to skip the stairs. Lunchtime power walk to the mall and back (about 1.5K round trip). After work...Date night! My husband and I saw Royal Wood and Hannah Gerogas at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. Fantastic show!!!

What I'm reading: 'Tis by Frank McCourt. Have read it a few times before, was time to read it again.  

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